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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back from Southall

Forgot to pack Factor 40 suncream, so burnt lobster pink after leafletting and GOTV from 6.15am to 9.15pm.

Turnout alleged to be higher in non-Southall wards than Southall (i.e. in the bad areas for Labour).

My hunch - Lab over LD by under 1,000 with the Tories up to a couple of thousand behind that?

Hanwell where I was in the morning swamped by LDs, who had run a number of micro-level issue-based campaigns in that part of the seat on planning and traffic.

Southall where I was from 3pm showing lots of Labour posters in windows (domestic as well as shops), didn't see many LDs and Tories out and about but some impression of errosion of Sikh vote to the opposition parties (though not sure which one).


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