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Monday, August 06, 2007

Free Advert for the Kent Tourist Board

Apologies for the lack of posting over the last week, we were on holiday, staying with my parents down in Canterbury, and their home is an internet free zone.

I won't subject you all to a series of restaurant reviews but will take the opportunity to plug my home County as a holiday destination.

Quite aside from the beautiful scenery in the Garden of England and a micro-climate that makes it one of the warmest bits of the country, there are great beaches at Broadstairs, Margate and Dymchurch, fantastic seafood at Whitstable and my son Jed, who like a lot of 1 3/4 year olds is obsessed by Thomas the Tank Engine and "choo choos" in general, had a fantastic time on the mini steam trains of the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway. He also loved Howletts Zoo.


Anonymous Matt said...

Good to have you back!

12:51 pm, August 06, 2007

Anonymous Paul Richards said...

Couldn't agree more on the delights of the RH&D railway; our small boy similarly entranced. We did a day trip last week to Brighton and discovered the Volks Railway along the seafront; not something I'd ever come across in 20 years of visiting Brighton for conferences!

10:44 am, August 12, 2007


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