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Monday, September 17, 2007

Deputy Leadership stats

Omar has provided jpegs of the newly published list of who each MP voted for in the Deputy Leadership election:


it all seems a long time ago now, but this is a fascinating picture of the complex voting patterns in the PLP.

A good way to read them is to read each MP's preferences backwards from sixth to see who really disliked who. Particularly as there is no point expressing a sixth preference (if you express 5 then the final candidate must be 6th) it's quite a public way of expressing distaste.

Some of the transfer patterns are predictable, e.g. Blears to Johnson and vice versa, Harman to Blears & vice versa, Cruddas to Harman and vice versa. Others are a lot more idiosyncratic.

One of the ones that jumped out to me as interesting is that Nick Brown voted 2nd preference for Blears.


Anonymous jdc said...

And Harriet Harman didn't express a second preference. That's what I call self-confidence...

11:18 am, September 17, 2007

Anonymous Andrea said...

"Others are a lot more idiosyncratic."

I noticed Kitty Ussher's 1) Blears and 2) Cruddas combination

And Frank Field went for Cruddas as second preference

12:32 pm, September 17, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

jdc - at least HH is consistent. The weekend before the close of polls Harriet got rather tangled up with a Politics Show reporter's question over whether she would be supporting Hazel Blears as a second preference (if it was important that a woman was DL etc.). HH said that "it didn't follow" that she should vote for Blears, and she was in it to win it.

2:00 pm, September 17, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i still cannot get my head around people like Skinner and Corbyn putting Benn as no 1. i know that they like his dad - but its too weird!

9:28 pm, September 20, 2007


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