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Monday, September 17, 2007

What's going to get debated?

Further to the last post, it looks fairly clear which four issues are going to get picked in the priority ballot for debate at conference:

Equalities & Equal Pay – submitted by UNISON + BSS + Labour Students + 9 CLPs
Employment Rights – TGWU, CWU, USDAW + 13 CLPs
Manufacturing – Amicus, BFAWU + 4 CLPs
Remploy – GMB + 6 CLPs

Then there are the four that the CLPs now pick:

Darfur – submitted by 1 CLP
SE Plan – 1 CLP
Stop the BNP – 1 CLP
Health – 4 CLPs

are the only ones left, unless ... Iraq is valid - which you can't tell because a (deliberate?) typo means that the 2 Iraq motions are the only ones where the recommendation on validity is missing ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so crap. The contemporary trigger process is unnecessarily restrictive and simply a tool to prevent debate.

The CAC decisions are totally inconsistent, with Twiggy making stupid matey comments pretending to be helpful.

I hope some emergency motions force their way on to the agenda.

10:29 pm, September 17, 2007

Blogger Chris Paul said...

On Iraq it looks like the CACk have decided to composite the edgy ones with the platform friendly effort.

Meanwhile, Nick Clegg's third party voting figures - supposed to show us what the Lib Dems are for - are utterly ridiculous.

He is from a different school to Old Ming and that's the all means necessary, exaggerate and fib school. If Ming really has offered him the succession for being a good boy now as reported in the Mail - bit annoying for members who thought they'd get a vote (cf Labour) - then this is a good thing for the rest of us I think.

He's a proper weasel not a kindly old gentleman or a figure of fun.

12:01 pm, September 18, 2007

Blogger grimupnorth said...

And nothing on Housing ....

12:19 pm, September 18, 2007


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