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Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore

I would have given Al Gore the Nobel wooden spoon not the Nobel peace prize.

Yes he's been doing great work highlighting the threat of climate change but if he had fought even a half way decent presidential election campaign in 2000, and not childishly blocked Clinton from helping his campaign, he would have been President for eight years and actually been able to DO something about climate change instead of bleating about it.

This donkey of a Democratic candidate is the reason (along with "Green" vote-splitter Nader, some Florida poll-rigging and his even more useless successor John Kerry) the world has been stuck with George W Bush for two terms.


Anonymous Barbara Bush said...

The world has been stuck with George W. Bush?

What's wrong with George W. Bush?

Iraq? Afghanistan?

4:07 pm, October 12, 2007

Blogger Chris Paul said...

Yep, what Babs said. You're a Bushite Luke and there's no getting away from it. The Nobel lot have however made them self a laughing stock with this particular decision.

5:33 pm, October 12, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe this entry is meant to be serious! Doesn't this belong on your doppleganger's blog instead?

9:04 am, October 13, 2007

Blogger Doctor Dunc said...

This did remind me of this.

3:35 pm, October 13, 2007

Anonymous Peggy McGilligan said...


AP – Al Gore has for a long time been full of hot air. He has a vivid imagination about the world. His mistrust of the seasons seems to stem from an episode of the Twilight Zone, in which the Earth gets too close to the Sun. Al is probably the single individual who has done most to create greater worldwide understanding of the measures needed to create a more effective global antiperspirant.

If college roommate Tommy Lee Jones, could save the City of Los Angeles from errant magma (Volcano), and the world entire from a giant cockroach (Men In Black), then Al Gore deserves a prize for his initiative to combat global wetness. The same trusted formula that kept our leaders dry during the Cold War. Clinton tested: guaranteed to leave no trace.

The committee that awarded Al Gore the Nobel Peace Prize included a university president, a theologian, and a consultant. Moe, Larry, and Curly could not be reached for comment. And, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, with whom Gore shares the prize, does not carry out research, nor does it monitor climate or related phenomena. Given the newfound legitimacy for Global Warming, a “private group” out of Monterey, California, vies to seed the North Atlantic with iron oxide to help plankton absorb carbon dioxide (greenhouse gasses). Strategy: “cleanup the planet and make a buck on the side.”

So, to whom did Al Gore donate the $1.8 million dollar Nobel purse? Who is the Alliance for Climate Protection? Perhaps not coincidentally, Al Gore is the founder and chairman of the § 501(c)(3) alliance. Three guesses who the IPCC are. But why shouldn’t grasping politicians preempt science? Aren’t they doing it for the collective? Aren’t their distortions justified, because they are “good”? Isn’t this the psychology of the left? Why should the facts matter; after all, when it came to pirating the “Peace Dividend” to create that new cultural paradigm, the venture paid off: http://theseedsof9-11.com

2:19 am, October 22, 2007


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