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Friday, October 19, 2007

Council by-elections

Council by-election results from last night:

Ellesmere Port & Neston, Rossmore Ward - Labour hold: Lab 504, Con 324, LD 60, English Democrats 30. 1.4% swing from Con to Lab since May.

Wellingborough, Croyland Ward - Con hold: Con 698, Lab 448, Ind 125, Green 55. About a 1%swing to Lab.

Basingstoke, Whitchurch Ward - LibDem hold: LibDem 858, Con 709, Lab 58. LD hold. 3.8% swing from LD to Con

South Derbyshire, Church Gresley Ward - Lab hold: Lab 639, BNP 516, Con 304. BNP didn't stand in May. G

Congleton, Sandbach West Ward -Con hold: Con 445 LibDem 382 Lab 160. The other seat in this ward was won by a Lib Dem in May.

Wigan, Central Ward - Con hold Con 1013 Lab 817 Com Action 262 . 0.75% swing from Con to Lab since May.


Anonymous Adele said...

I was out on polling day in Ellesmere Port and I have to say a good result for labour. Cameron is still not appealing to Northern voters. Precisely the sort of area he should be targeting.

11:08 am, October 19, 2007


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