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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another great candidate selected

Labour's candidate selection process this time is continuing to produce some excellent candidates, particularly in the All Women Shortlist seats. As reported by Tom Watson last week Ruth Smeeth has been selected for the Staffordshire Labour marginal of Burton. I would share Tom's analysis that Ruth, Rachel Reeves (Leeds W) and Stella Creasy (Walthamstow) are likely to be amongst the stars of the next intake of Labour MPs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats to Ruth Smeeth and the others. However it appears that the NEC have decided enough is enough.

There are two seats in Yorkshire where the male Labour MPs are standing down, which should mean one would be AWS and one open selection. The 'powers that be' have decided both will be open selections, thereby breaking the party's own rules.

The NEC have decided to throw over the idea of trying to increase the numbers of women Labour MPs in favour on keeping the numbers of male ones.

What price deputy leader Harman now? Kicking away the ladder to ensure more women join the Commons.

11:00 am, November 20, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's only one problem with your analysis.

The Labour Party is going into opposition next time around.

And your "stars" are going to be completely knackered old nags by the time they ever get to a sniff of power again.

Stop spending our money, you simple prick.

1:00 pm, November 20, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all know what "stars" means in your world Luke.. dire Govt lackeys. Terrible news.

2:32 pm, November 20, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see why you would assume there will be no more All Women Shortlists - it is an ongoing process for all selections that arise to be considered, this is just the latest tranche!

2:41 pm, November 20, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous 2.41pm - given the NEC has dumped the rules and procedure established to improve the proportion of women Labour MPs in the future, why should you assume that AWS might be used again?

After all if you can chuck the principles of gender equality for Labour parliamentary selections when we are 2 or 3 years away from a general election how can you presume that the NEC will keep them then you are just 2 or 3 months away.

4:34 pm, November 20, 2007

Blogger Praguetory said...

Happy with how your lot is running the country?

6:43 pm, November 20, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are we supposed to believe that Rachel Reeves, the Oxford educated economist southerner, gives a toss about working class northerners?

She's only in it for herself like all of you.

11:05 pm, November 20, 2007

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

People in Leeds - where she lives and works - selected her so they obviously think otherwise.

We have plenty of northern or Scottish origin Labour MPs and councillors in London and the south and don't make prejudiced attacks on them.

Is "economist" an insult?

7:17 am, November 21, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Are we supposed to believe that Rachel Reeves, the Oxford educated economist southerner, gives a toss about working class northerners?"

Speaking as a Northerner, I don't think that's fair. I do think the Labour Party should select more local candidates (but people move around a lot these days, that's life), and more working class candidates.

The sad thing is that Rachel's opponent, who was also very good, is unlikely to have a chance of selection elsewhere, whereas Rachel could probably have moved on from a defeat to another constituency that would have been happy to have her.

Speaking as an Oxford-educated non-economist, on the other hand; while Rachel may be very much a loyalist she does have very strong politics, which I think broadly follow what Luke and I would see as the core concerns of working class Labour voters. I don't think these are hugely different in the North.

But do tell us, Annoyed Northerner, what you think the Labour Party should be doing but isn't.

9:28 am, November 21, 2007

Blogger Merseymike said...

One of the problems is, though, that the membership of the Labour party is now so calamitously low.

Lots of us have left, and still haven't felt inspired enough to return.

So, candidates are being chosen by those who still retain that level of enthusiasm. Precious few of them.

12:38 pm, November 21, 2007

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

You should have thought about that before resigning!

You can't have it both ways by quitting but still expecting to have influence.

2:19 pm, November 21, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 4.34 - The NEC havent abandoned any rules or procedure as far as i am aware - which rules are you referring to?

2:26 pm, November 21, 2007

Blogger Duncan Hall said...

As far as I understand, Rachel has lived in the Leeds area for a couple of years - not all that common amongst selected candidates!

I do share JDC's concern however that local candidates' aspirations are often focused on one seat (or a couple at most) and it can be a shame if they're defeated by a constituency-hopping 'future star'.

4:37 pm, November 22, 2007

Blogger Merseymike said...

No, Luke - you have missed the point.

What I am saying is that the Labour party has lost members through its own actions, and is largely unconcerned about winning them back.

The problem is that you don't have any influence if you are a party member. That's why so many people left. And its no good blaming those who left. Why stay if you feel that your views are not going to be listened to unless they coincide with those of the party leader?

Its the same with local councils. Most councillors njow have no influence at all other than on 'ward' issues - which, frankly, most of all parties do little of any worth concerning. We could easily reduce the number of councillors down to the ones who do the work (the cabinet) and spent the money which pays for the rest on a properly trained advice service, which really would help people. If councillors cannot make policy, why have so many? Same goes for parliament. We have much larger legislatures than many countries and I don't see better governance as a result.

10:33 pm, November 22, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Ruth Smeeth.

Can she reassure the local electorate that her association with Nestle will not affect her ability to work on health promotion, especially of breastfeeding, in Burton and Uttoxeter?

Those 1421 voters that could turn a Labour victory into a Tory one in Burton want to know.

1:21 pm, December 07, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baby Milk Action want to know, too!


Read about Nestle and weep. We do not need to give them more influence in Parliament, this woman must be stopped!!!!

1:23 pm, December 07, 2007

Blogger Praguetory said...

To those of you worried about Ruth Smeeth's influence in Parliament, worry not, she has no hope in Burton.

7:34 pm, December 09, 2007

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