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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Five questions for members of the Socialist Workers Party…

There were so many e-mails flying around in October 2007! Notably “Respect” and Socialist Workers Party E-mails about the current break-up of Respect that really were not meant to reach amused spectators.

A friend of this blog missed the opportunity to ask questions of a prominent SWP member at the end of October, but here are those questions:

1) Have you discovered any clues towards identifying the people who broke Cllr Oliur Rahman's (Respect (Independent) as opposed to Respect) windows?
2) Could the defenestrators have any connection with the people who, in April 2005 in Tower Hamlets, abused a crowd of elderly Jewish people who had gathered to commemorate a 2nd World War tragedy?
3) Now do you now understand the meaning of Jamaat-i-Islami?
4) Are you feeling a new-found empathy with the Iraqi Communists who formed a bloc with Ba'athism between 1972 and 1978?
5) Are you getting a new and more profound insight into the meaning of "What goes around, comes around"?


Anonymous jdc said...

6) Now that you've quit the 'community party', do you have any information on who is organising the harrassment of Bishop Challoner School and its pupils? If you're so in touch with the locals, it seems unlikely it could have been organised with nobody knowing, and it's not random individual violence.

6:44 pm, November 01, 2007

Anonymous Miles said...

You will be delighted to know that peace broke out at a Respect meeting in Manchester last night.
If you or your readers are interested look here http://action-without-theory.blogspot.com/2007/11/peace-love-and-respect_06.html

10:50 am, November 07, 2007


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