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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Attack of the clones

I am already having trouble telling the difference:


Blogger Ravi Gopaul said...

Said without a hint of irony Luke! We seem to mirror our tory opponenents more each day, I know there are some voters out there that cannot see the difference between us and them.
Sadly I won't be here to read your repost to that as I am now on 2 weeks holiday (the university is shut). I hope you and the family have a nice Christmas and a happy new year, and that goes for everyone else who visits this blog, I'll be enjoying the "enormous" back pay our union (Amicus- Unite) hard faught for!!!!

11:28 am, December 19, 2007

Blogger Jackson Jeffrey Jackson said...

Don't tell me...I know this one...is Tony Blair the top or bottom picture?

Oh, and what Ravi said.

12:39 pm, December 19, 2007

Blogger susan press said...

My thoughts re the last six months of a Brown premiership. Oh, yes, almost forgot. Blair was better at lying......

1:09 pm, December 19, 2007

Blogger Dave Cole said...

Waiting for the letter to Private Eye...

1:41 pm, December 19, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our very politically balanced media seems to have forgotten to mentioned this story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7150190.stm

5:43 pm, December 19, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous, that might well be because it was £7,000 - not nearly half a million.

Hold on to your hats for scary times at Labour HQ - there's several millions of pounds of loans to the banks due in two weeks time - and no chance of them being turned into donations.

9:14 pm, December 19, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first thought that came to mind, Luke. A shame the Liberals didn't take up the Tory offer - then the "progressive alliance" of reactionaries and empty-headed opportunists which it would represent could be utterly rejected by the British people all at once.

9:19 pm, December 19, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who does Gordon Brown resemble? Stalin or Mr Bean?

9:33 pm, December 19, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave, since he went from Stalin to Mr Bean inside a week, he must be Bob Hope by now...

Reminds me of the old joke... how many hopes do Labour have in Springfield - two - one's Bob Hope and the other's an envelope.

9:58 pm, December 19, 2007

Blogger Phil said...

Glass houses, Luke! Casting an eye over the government benches is like viewing a posse of regimented Borg.

3:28 pm, December 20, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any news on the Springfield By-election result? The council website is down this morning

8:36 am, December 21, 2007

Blogger Gooey Blob said...

Whether you like them or not, one of them will be running the country in a couple of years, unless it is made crystal clear to Brown that, for the good of the party, he must step down as soon as possible.

Too many talented MPs look set to lose their seats at the next election. We're not talking about a couple of dozen seats here either, the losses the party faces are huge, and I fear a landslide for the Tories if Brown stumbles on for another two years. Whichever side of the fence one sits on, nobody can realistically argue that single party states are a good idea.

Is Brown's personal vanity important enough to drag down the whole Labour party?

7:13 pm, December 29, 2007


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