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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Post of the day

Hopi deserves some recognition for this bit of online sleuthing:



Blogger Doctor Dunc said...

Yeah, I saw that. Not entirely sure what it signifies. A pinch of hypocrisy perhaps! Seems like a huge amount of effort for very little reward that those PPCs indulged in with the old photoshop! Quite odd really!

7:27 pm, December 15, 2007

Anonymous dalston dave said...

Haha. Very good.

There's another blog which looks the same as yours but you can spot some differences if you look very carefully.

9:10 pm, December 15, 2007

Anonymous Get rich with New Labour said...

A friend of your Luke?

Dr Gupta of Oldhill Medical Centre raked in £270,000 in pay last year. Conveniently he retired in August or so a sign in the window of the surgery says


1:14 pm, December 17, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's James Purnell?

12:18 pm, December 18, 2007

Anonymous Shambolic said...

For the link to that friend of Luke's (the rich GP, thanks to New Labour) click here:

Get rich with New Labour

For news of how well Luke and the other PR cronies on Hackney Council have performed this year, click here:

Ministry of Truth - Orwell-style

Don't it make ya proud?

11:53 pm, December 18, 2007


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