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Friday, January 25, 2008

Ken's lead going up

Looks like London voters are more interested in buses, police and housing than tittle-tattle in the Evening Standard and on Dispatches.

A YouGov/ITV London poll today shows Ken's lead over Boris up from 1% to 4%.

The poll was taken after the Dispatches programme this week.


Anonymous Beaverbrook said...

Any news is good news

5:03 pm, January 25, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's the coverage on Mayorwatch:

But Iain Dale hasn't come to terms with this particular reality:

Poor old Iain's blissfully ignorant of Ken's poll lead.

6:31 pm, January 25, 2008

Anonymous Zokko said...

Am I the only person in the country not to find Boris remotely likeable or amusing? He's not the affable eccentric he makes himself out to be. Go on Ken, shoot Boris The Bore down in flames. London needs a Mayor, not a shameless self-publicist.

8:38 am, January 26, 2008

Anonymous Ted Harvey said...

Ah, I see, we are just moving on and trying to forget the earlier disastrous thread 'Vote Ken with no illusions' then? Maybe just as well, it served nobody any good.

My final comments on this London mess... just what do you think 'no illusions Ken' is afterwards going to be like if (when?) he wins this election DESPITE all that has been revealed?

And what kind of further degraded mess will it leave London politics in?

10:36 am, January 27, 2008

Anonymous Dave O said...

Hold the front page! Hundreds of thousands of Londoners endorse evil Trotskyite Socialist Action clique!!

10:55 am, January 27, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

Lets endorse communism through that really nice fella called Hugo Chavez.


Who seeks to damage the western economy, who also is being armed by Russia and back by Castro.

Russia who is also friends with Iran who has been killing British troops by proxy.

Our little safe world is looking more unstable every day. I see a big war coming and it's going to be left to our children to sort it out.

12:46 pm, January 28, 2008

Anonymous Hovedan said...

Livingstone should be judged on his record not on silly tittle tattle. as for his so called connections with socialist action - its all a diversion from his policy successes. Unless Livingstone starts to eat babies live on telly he will win the election, because people are more interested in the key issues affecting London, such as regeneration and transport, more police officers etc, than the fluff that so many journalists seem to think is news.

7:45 pm, January 29, 2008


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