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Friday, February 29, 2008

Council by-election results

Last night's council by-election results:

Cheam Ward, LB Sutton. Con hold with swing to LDs - in an LD parliamentary marginal.

Sideslow Ward, Bromsgrove. Con gain from LD despite an 11% reduction in Tory vote, Labour took 27% having not stood. LDs did not defend the seat.

Hexham Gilesgate Ward, Tynedale. Con hold with a large swing to LD.

Westminster Ward, Ellesmere Port. Lab hold with 11% drop in vote and low turnout.

Lerwick South Ward, Shetland. Ind hold.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheam result has its own explanation - expulsion of a sitting Tory councillor by the iniquitous Standards Board for (shock horror) using "brash" language. Undoubtedly that - and a standard LibDem by-election campaign augmented by their strong SW London organisation - counted.

As I believe someone said elsewhere, if the good people of Cheam chose to elect a poisonous old boot as their councillor, then that is their choice and not the Standards Board's.

5:24 pm, March 01, 2008


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