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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Amicus intrigue

I was intrigued to get a direct mail leaflet with a nice neat little label and a Greenford postmark from Ray Morrell, Amicus Unity Gazette candidate for the Unite/Amicus NEC.

As brother Morrell and Unity Gazette's politics are not very compatible with mine (several of their NEC slate are in the SWP) I can't imagine they researched my name and address and singled me out for sending campaign literature to.

Unity Gazette has obviously got hold of either the mailing list for every Unite/Amicus GC delegate in my region, or the entire regional membership list.

There isn't necessarily a data protection issue as the data has remained inside the union rather than going to a third party, but there is one of fairness and a level playing field - have the other two candidates in my region been offered similar access to the mailing list so they can communicate with electors?

I'm happy to take this post down if someone can prove either Unity Gazette got the data legitimately, or it has been offered to every candidate.


Blogger Dave Cole said...

I'm an Amicus member in London and haven't received anything...

9:06 am, March 05, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The same happened with the email Wiseman sent out. Perhaps this guy got it given to him by a sympathetic political officer.

1:57 pm, March 05, 2008


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