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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Beating the BNP in Havering

Havering's only BNP councillor has resigned. At the 2006 council election, Gooshays Ward was highly marginal between Labour, the Tories and the BNP candidate. Yve Cornell, our candidate, was beaten by the narrowest possible margin, on the flip of a coin.

A By-election on 20 March gives us an opportunity to win back a seat on the council and kick the BNP out of Havering. This is the start of the fight back against the recent far right election gains in East London.

Yve has been selected to run for us again. Please come and help her win this vital election. We will be out campaigning every day until the election and will also be organising some telephone canvassing from central London. For more information including meeting places and times, and to offer support, contact Labour’s London East Organiser Rob Chapman on rob_chapman@new.labour.org.uk .

Reproduced from an email promoted and sent by Rob Chapman on behalf off Yve Cornell and the Harold Hill Labour Party all at 273 South St, Romford, RM1 2BE


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I support the BNP on many issues and the reason why so many people have turned to the BNP is because parties like Labour are not addressing the issues relate to working people.

I'm not just talking about immigration but about socialist principles. People wanted Labour to nationalise the railways and the energy companies. When Labour were elected they were given this mandate through a huge majority.

People have been badly let down by Labour and many Labour voters,like myself are left without a party to vote for. I'm certainly not going to vote for another Labour government and although the conservatives are the only party that can remove Labour, I'm not too sure about the conservatives either.

The BNP have some dreadful policies such as the death penalty but they are a very good pressure group. A recent poll showed that 80% want to drastically curb immigration and 67% want a referendum on Europe. Without the BNP immigration would not be on the political agenda and without the BNP and UKIP Europe wouldn't be either.

You should watch this video, the chap presenting this video is not a fascist or a Neo Nazi....he is a green and all the data is based on reliable scientific data.


So you think that beating the BNP in Havering is good thing....what you should be asking youself is why are so many people turning to the BNP? This is the real question Luke.

Gordon Brown knows and this is why he used the slogan "British Jobs for British Workers". If I was to say this then I would be labelled a racist....so what does that make Gordon....a liar and a racist.

8:30 pm, March 05, 2008

Blogger Merseymike said...

I fundamentally disagree that the answer to the BNP is to capitulate to their policies.

I think they are entirely wrong on Europe and immigration. So are those who agree with them.

You need to have the courage of your convictions and say so. if people agree with the BNP's approach then they should vote for them. Similarly those who don't should be prepared to say exactly why.

Yes, it will mean losing some votes. So be it. You can't please everyone all the time

12:37 pm, March 06, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merseymike, you might agree that the current immigration policy is at complete odds with the governments environmental policy. Population control is an important issue and immigration is a major influence to that.

Another fact is jobs, and Gordons latest speech to the CBI basically said if British people don't want to work for the min wage then there are millions of immigrant workers willing to take their place. Is this really the correct approach and is it really fair to undercut by importing workers.

The UK should be looking to reducing it's population. We are over populated and using current statistics we will approaching 70 million in less than 12 years.

My point is that unless something is done then there will be a significant move to right. There will also be more chances of civil unrest and less social cohesion. This is not an argument of race as I know that this debate currently top of the agenda in many British black communities....this is about preserving our standard of living, way of life and sustainability.

I predict some huge gains for the BNP come the general election and maybe even a victory. Don't be surprised if you see some members of the BNP on the London Assembly either. You have to remember this isn't just about winning this is about protest.

1:08 pm, March 06, 2008

Blogger Merseymike said...

No, Rich. Immigration itself isn't directly related to population. If more people leave than enter, then there is no net increase in population.

I am sure that there will need to be measures taken to actively reduce population in the future. But I don't think that has to do with immigration per se. You can reduce population overall without having to stop immigration.

That is actually the Green position. Population policy and immigration are two different issues.

2:10 pm, March 06, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

But in our case it is. Based on natural demographics the British population should be stablised, but because of immigration we now have rapid population growth. The fastast growth in 25 years.

Read This Please

We have the child per family ratio in Europe so it is unrealistic to expect savings by reducing birth rate.

Can you imagine how busy our roads will be with an extra 10 million cars on our roads.

Or how our hospitals are going to cope with another 10 million people.

What about food security, soon the price of oil will mean that more food will have to be grown here and not imported. If we build on more farmland then that won't be possible.

But is not just immigration, there are other issues here as well. The ID card scheme now supported by Labour and again...no one wants it.

Two huge wars, both of which I've played a role and both the reason I left the armed forces. It is not the fact that Labour went to war, it's the fact that we have no end goal and the fact that our troops are being forgotten by our politicians. I take medication daily basis to stop the effects of years of breathing in deplated Uranium dust with no recognition from the MOD. I hope the Royal British Legion is flush because in 40 years there is going to be hundreds thousands of sick and injured troops.

Labour have been a disaster and they have wasted an opportunity.

3:41 pm, March 06, 2008

Blogger Ravi Gopaul said...

I for one hope the fascist BNP get a good electoral kicking by all the mainstream parties. Nick Griffin is a detestable holocaust denier and blatant racist, why support him Rich his values are just not British.
I am really sad to hear of your health problems and the shambolic way you and others in the forces have been treated (both by Labour and the Tories). Money wasted in foreign adventures could have been better spent on re commissioning military hospitals, refurbing military personnel accommodation, giving our men and women in uniform a decent wage, give all give our forces the equipment they need to do the job properly and the most important thing above all else give our troops decent support after they have been on tour in a war zone. Some may have the physical problems like Rich others have deep psychological scars. Our politicians treat the military like their personal toy and appear to deploy our forces on a whim without a caring about how to treat the troops when they return maimed. I find that disgusting.

4:11 pm, March 06, 2008

Blogger Merseymike said...

Too simplistic, Rich. This is a global matter, and your solution seems to be that we should stop the immigration of people who have too many offspring.

Who could tat be, I wonder? Want to spell it out? No EU country for a start, not even catholic Poland, whose Catholicism does not extend to rejection of contraception.

Going to tell us what you really believe, Rich?

4:15 pm, March 06, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I'm not a holocaust denier and I don't think I'm a blatent rascist. Neither do I think that skin colour should decide whether you get into this country or not. I don't think I'm better than any other race or deserve more. Being Cathlolic myself I don't agree with the Popes decision on contraception or abortion...god gave me a brain and reserve the right to use it.

There are issues that relate to my faith that do affect my beliefs on other issues but as a Christian one of my beliefs is also tolerance and believe that this trait should also be practiced by Islam and any other religion that exists in this country. I don't hate anyone who comes to this country in search of a new life....good luck to them in my opinion...I would do the same If I could. But there has to be strict annaul limits.

The one reason Britain is a great place to live is because it is diverse. It has influenced our food, NHS, our music and even our armed forces. Our imperial heritage has given us this advantage and I don't intend or wish it to be changed at all.

I do however, wish to protect this country against a new wave of immigration driven by greed. I'm not saying you should vote for the BNP and I would be a fool if I thought I could convert anyone....but Labour are very wrong on this issue.

I probably won't vote BNP or conservative and I might just vote Green...who knows....but I won't be voting Labour. My point was to raise the fact that Labour should be asking why a lot more people are voting for the BNP.

5:31 pm, March 06, 2008

Blogger Ravi Gopaul said...

Well I am glad you're choosing the Greens over the BNP. Did anyone see Hodge on Newsnight? She came across as rather dim.

10:50 am, March 07, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hodge, pretty much what Labour stands for. Choc Biscuits and a cup of tea makes life a lot easier.

12:41 am, March 10, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done to the BNP for not just retaining their Havering seat but for increasing the share of their vote. People in Britain are getting more and more upset about Labour (and the Tories and Lib-dems) contempt for them and the more and more unpleasant, dangerous, violent, divided and overcrowded society they are creating.

Things can only get worse as the economic crises intensifies. I expect the system parties to be punished further.

As for Poland, it may be a predominantly Catholic country but that does not, as is commonly believed, mean it has a high birthrate. In fact the estimated Polish fertility rate for 2004 was 1.39 children per woman. That of course is well below the rate needed to keep the population constant (slightly more than two children per woman).

Italy, another mainly Catholic country, has a fertility rate of 1.4. Spain is even lower at 1.37.

One cannot control population through emmigration matching immigration unless there are either very tight limits on immigration or you essentially force people out of the country. In fact the idea is rather absurd because Britain is a far more attractive place to live than most of the rest of the world. Simply put, there are hundreds of millions in Somalia, Nigeria, Pakistan etc who would like to live in Britain, but precious few Britons who would like to move to Somalia.

There is considerable emmigration, in fact at record levels, but it does not nearly match immigration. Some of the main reasons Britons list for leaving for Australia, New Zealand etc are precisely linked to immigration, such as overcrowding, high crime etc.

Is it really fair to displace people from their own country to make way for foreigners?

5:31 pm, March 23, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:50 am, August 07, 2008


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