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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Claude Moraes tops London MEP list

Claude Moraes MEP has taken approximately 2/3 of the vote from London Labour members to top the Party's list of Euro-candidates in London. Mary Honeyball MEP will be number 2 on the list and Robert Evans MEP number 3.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

excellent. well deserved

10:11 pm, March 12, 2008

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Certainly is. He works incredibly hard.

10:16 pm, March 12, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

All this pro Labour blurb concerning elections and mps but not a mention of the finanicial mess this government has go this country into.

Todays budget is simply a joke. If I was to invest £100 billion on a business venture that 100 billion would come off my bottom line at the end of year. Yet here we are with a government that chooses to remove the Northern Rock from public sector borrowing. Can you please explain what happens if Labour can not recover the £100 billion we are liable for? Is this not public sector borrowing.

Can you also explain why also the government has refused to go back on the decision to remove the 10% tax banding and yet is bending over backwards to help some the countries richest avoid tax completely.

Luke I really don't know how you can call yourself Labour when this government is clearly not interested in helping working people or the country.

11:38 pm, March 12, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats right. Luke is the Chancellor of the Exchequer and official spokesman for the Labour Party.

Some people are so daft.

Almost all of the £100 billion is secured on houses. Unlike the rest of the government debt, you can actually see what and where it is secured.

8:01 am, March 13, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

An Indian immigrant who grew up in Scotland. Perfect choice for London area MEP. Will be soon filling his pockets with Kinnock and Mandy and the rest of the crooks in Brussels

8:32 am, March 13, 2008

Anonymous Dan said...

Anonymous, you are just unpleasant. You clearly don't know who Claude Moraes is, much less what his standards of integrity are like.

Getting 2/3 of the vote when there are three candidates is a splendid achievement.

8:50 am, March 13, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

£100 billion secured on sub prime loans and mortgages. If their mortgage book was that good do you think they would of struggled to sell it off. Other public debt is added to the balance sheets....which was the point.

"Thats right. Luke is the Chancellor of the Exchequer and official spokesman for the Labour Party." No, I'm talking about Gordon the man who led to this mess by allowing house prices to rocket....another promise broken....please refer to the last budget.

This government stinks, rotten to the core.

9:44 am, March 13, 2008

Anonymous Dan said...


The credit crunch means that there is no market for mortgage receivables, irrespective of the quality of the book.

And the idea Brown is responsible for the rise in house prices is very odd. Care to elaborate?

3:02 pm, March 13, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

Brown should of added the cost of housing to the inflation figures that way we could of controlled house prices via interest rates. Brown did promise to keep house prices under control.

"The credit crunch means that there is no market for mortgage receivables, irrespective of the quality of the book." This is rubbish it really is, there is still the market for good loans the problem with Northern Rock is that it concentrated on the sub prime market. The government has already managed to sell the best mortgages and is now left with £100 billion of mortgages no one wants to buy. House prices are falling rapidly which means what value there is is reducing on a daily basis.

Brown was also responsible for separation of the treasury and the FSA which has meant that non of the sub prime deals were regulated despite being warned of problems over 12 months ago. Yes Brown was warned of a possible credit crunch over 12 months ago.

Inflation figures are false and the real figure is probably close to 6% way above the governments own targets.

You can fiddle the figures but the reality is that the truth will always come out.

4:40 pm, March 13, 2008

Anonymous Claude said...

MPs' £10,000 kitchens on expenses! Peanuts! I can get £20,000 as a MEP. Westminster is dead come and join the Brussels Gravy Train

8:24 am, March 14, 2008

Blogger Jon Worth said...

Claude works hard - in London! But he's not an especially effective MEP in Brussels as far as I can tell. But that's a sure way to get yourself top of the list.

Robert Evans does a better job in the EP, but that's not ever really communicated well.

I'm looking forward to 2014 when Labour might finally get a new MEP for the region for the first time since 2000.

9:13 am, March 14, 2008

Anonymous Jacque Delors said...

In Claudes pocket

€3,785 a month office expenses plus a travel allowance for attendance at sessions
€3,736 a year for travel anywhere in the world
€268 daily subsistence
€12,576 a month secretarial "Claudes Mum"
€50 a week for taxis

etc etc bloody etc

11:15 am, March 14, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well done - some labour party members with sense!!! a surprise!

6:19 pm, March 22, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To : Robert Evans, Please get off that LTTE dick you are riding happily, and mind your own fucking business. Sri Lanka will forever be One Nation!

6:47 am, February 02, 2010


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