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Monday, March 24, 2008

Council by-election results

Last Thursday's council by-election results (belatedly due to an internet-free Easter weekend).

Wish I hadn't bothered to look now I've seen them:

Gooshays Ward, Havering. BNP hold. BNP 865 (38.0%, +9.8), Lab 741 (32.5%, +6.6), Con 489 (21.5%;-5.5), UKIP 70 (3.1%;-7.6), National Liberal Party 62 (2.7%;+2.7), Lib Dem 52 (2.3%;+2.3)

Vassall Ward, Lambeth. LD gain from Lab. Lib Dem 1209 (50.4%;+14.9), Lab 859 (35.8%;-8.4), Con 206 (8.6%;-2.8), Green 109 (4.5%;+4.5), English Democrats 8 (0.3%;+0.3), Ind 7 (0.3%;+0.3)

Yapton, Arun DC. Con hold. Con 620 (59.8%;-4.8), Lib Dem 212 (20.4%;-2.4), BNP 205 (19.8%;+19.8) Labour did not stand.

The Gooshays result confirms the risk that the BNP could get on the GLA if turnout is low on 1 May.


Anonymous Rich said...

Luke Labour are to blame for this and you should have listened to the unions. They wanted to protect workers rights and wages from cheap imported workers but Blair and Brown have refused to even consider the bill.

I think you will see at least 2 members of the GLA.

4:43 pm, March 25, 2008

Anonymous GUlp! said...

What an amazing result!
Voters generally punish parties that cause uneccessary by elections. I read the opposition candidates and anti-fascists campaigned hard in Gooshays.

BNP not only held the ward, it increased its share of the vote.

Terrible news for Labour in the up coming London elections

11:38 am, March 26, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

I agree it is an amazing result and it proves what I've been banging on about on this forum for past few months. People don't want immigration at these levels. Unless Labour start listening then there will be more shocks to come.

I was chatting to a chap who runs a small holding on the staffs border. This guy is a prominent member of the green movement and even he is talking about the levels of immigration being unsustainable. I've never known so many people joining the movement it really is unprecedented.

People now openly support the BNP and you will see banners in houses and businesses around here these days.

Politicians have caused this by refusing to listen and support workers.Global market is hurting Britain and because Labour have refused to act people are fighting back.

12:12 pm, March 26, 2008


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