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Monday, March 10, 2008

Labour up 3%

Populus poll out today: CON 37% (-3): LAB 34% (+3): LD 19%(+2)

I think we are about to see some major Tory spin efforts to depress expectations about the 1 May elections. I scent the possibility of an upset.


Anonymous Rich said...

There won't be election on the 1st of May. Most likely to be 2009 as the UK will be in a recession by 2010 and Brown knows it.

11:45 pm, March 10, 2008

Anonymous tim f said...

Erm, there will be elections on 1st May. For a start there's the mayoral elections, which seem to be your secondary obsession after immigration, Rich. Then there are also local elections around the country.

I can't think of a prediction you have made that has come true, so your prediction about a recession heartens me.

11:51 pm, March 10, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

Tim, my predictions regarding increased support for the BNP are correct. So far they are up 13% on last time. Even the trade unions are warning Labour about increased support for the BNP due to pressure on working people and jobs. The conservative party are also seeing some large gains.

The latest Poll on voter intentions actually puts the conservatives 10% ahead of Labour. I predicted that.

I have also predicted the Ken Livingston will take another term. I don't like the idea but I think it's an almost impossible task to remove a character like Ken.

As for the economy I'm only repeating what Browns advisors are saying. The Boom is over and we now into damage limitation. If he's going to hold an election it will have to be 2009.

10:58 am, March 11, 2008

Blogger Merseymike said...

Thing is, local by-elections are never a very reliable way of working out what is really going on, but they don't suggest a 10% Tory lead.

The BNP vote is certainly not 'up 13%' if you mean that their overall vote will be 13% +. It will be localised as ever.

Having said that Labour's standing isn't enough for a majority of any kind.

3:00 pm, March 11, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...


To be honest I don't trust the polls at the moment. They have not been very reliable in the states or Europe. However, I can't honestly believe that there is much support for Labour at the momemt either. The trade unions are far from happy and there is a big debate at the moment whether it is worth funding the Labour party anymore. It won't take much more for some of the trade unions to literally take their support away from Labour.

5:31 pm, March 11, 2008


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