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Monday, March 17, 2008

A painful start to campaigning

The Mayoral and GLA election campaign seems to be well and truly under way.

I'm now nursing a nasty cough brought on by seven hours leafleting in the rain, plus extensive bruising from slipping and falling down a set of concrete steps on the way to stick a Ken for Mayor newspaper through a basement flat door. Politics is a risky business!

My constituency party delivered over 20,000 newspapers over the weekend, and as I went past Dalston Kingsland railway station on the 243 bus this morning there was a cluster of Hackney South comrades leafleting there as well.

Last night a team of us including Diane Abbott also stuffed and labelled a mailing with posters in it to all our members and previous poster requesters, so posters should start appearing in windows in the next few days.

Overall, this doesn't feel anything like the previous London-wide elections in terms of activity levels - and feels far more like a General Election.

It will be interesting to see if the weekend's dreadful opinion polls are only pertinent to General Election voting intentions - will start finding out as we crank up the canvassing this week.

So far only the Lib Dems seem to have been out delivering anything of our opponents in Hackney.


Anonymous Uncle Pipey said...

If your bum needs a rub just ask

12:53 pm, March 17, 2008

Anonymous Delbert Wilkins said...


The Tories are hitting Stamford Hill pretty hard as far as I can tell. They have held a good few canvassing sessions.


1:22 pm, March 17, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are you surprised by the dire polling at the weekend?

Everyone's been reading your blog and decided that new NuLabour is bollocks.

Just to make it easy for Boris run your schtick on immigration you were retailing here recently across the punters.

Go on. Stand up for your beliefs.

2:51 pm, March 17, 2008

Anonymous hughes views said...

Good luck with the campaign; I’m afraid I couldn’t raise the enthusiasm for voter id in the cold rain this weekend.

You may have Boris secretly on your side. Having been pressed into being a candidate he must now be rather alarmed at the prospect that he might win. Even he must realise that it will do his long-term prospects in politics no good at all if he becomes Mayor. Look what happened to the similarly flamboyant Horace Cutler...

btw when I accessed your site my anti-virus software sounded a siren and informed me that a Trojan Horse was trying to download itself...

4:45 pm, March 17, 2008

Anonymous wgm said...

Took me back to the Kensington by-election in 1988 - slipped on a top basement step and ended up at the bottom in an inch of green water. No broken bones, but my light brown jacket didn't make it...

4:06 pm, March 18, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it really worth making yourself ill to campaign for Ken?

Do you really want...
- the congestion charge extended to Bromley
- more slow-moving bendy buses
- more "race advisers" earning nearly 6 times the national average to do what exactly
- more millions of pounds of our money wasted on "research" into tram schemes that will never work
- more jollies to Cuba, Venezuala, India, etc
- more political propaganda paid for by the taxpayer in "The Londoner"

If the answer is yes, your cough is karma

4:28 pm, March 18, 2008

Anonymous Ted Harvey said...

Luke I have only just picked up your posting about the wee fall and bruising. Sorry to hear about that... it's the kind of thing you later look back on and tell people "and another thing that happened on that canpaign was..."

I also share your misery of the cough-like cold that seems to be doing the rounds hereabouts 'cos I've caught it too :(

9:06 am, March 20, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why a good social democrat like luke is bothering canvassing for a man who regards new labour as full of "wankers" is beyond me - if he wins or loses Ken will pursue his own leftist and Trot influenced agenda. Ken will almost certainly win (largely dopwn to second preferences) and when he decides to use the office of Mayor to slag off Brown and the government, as he will, all those good new labour comrades who are out working for ken will ask themselves, `have we been had' ?

11:22 am, March 21, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally I don't think Livingstone is fit to run a booze up in a brewery. His record at the GLC shows that.

But when compared with Johnson ?

I am just very glad that I no longer live in London.


5:13 pm, March 21, 2008


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