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Friday, April 18, 2008

Council by-election results

Last night's council by-election results:

Stowmarket N & Stowupland Division, Suffolk County Council. Con hold. Con 834 (38.8%, -0.7%), LibDem 781 (36.3%, +18.1%), Green 231 (10.7%, +1.6%), Lab 190 (8.8%, -24.5%), UKIP 114 (5.3%, +5.3%). 9.4% swing from Con to LD since 2005, follows a by-election last year where LDs overtook Labour to take second place.

Morland Ward, Eden DC. Ind gain from Con. Ind 198, Con 108, LibDem 74. No Labour candidate. (2007 result: Con 251, Ind 205)


Anonymous VOTE BORIS said...

Lab 190 (8.8%, -24.5%),

MINUS 24.5%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ho Ho great stuff

11:40 am, April 18, 2008

Anonymous hughes view said...

LibDem still picking up the protest vote eh? I wonder what they promised this time - ah the joys of perpetual opposition....

12:14 pm, April 18, 2008

Anonymous tim f said...

"vote boris" - perhaps in a seat we weren't expected to win, the Labour activists were spending their time canvassing for Ken, instead.

1:59 pm, April 18, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

Not really news is it, Labour had no chance of winning those seats anyway. But it does show that traditional conservative voters may not vote conservative.

Just the same as traditional Labour voters may not vote Labour.

As I've said before there are some big shocks coming come the general election.

It's all about character and people vote for candidates that they think will honor their election promises.

6:06 pm, April 18, 2008

Anonymous Zokko said...

Former Conservative M.P. For Clwyd West ( Wales ) Rod Richards has just spent a night in police custody following an incident in which he thumped a canvassing Tory. I know just how he feels.

4:26 pm, April 19, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

The latest Poll is putting Labour 24 points behind, but as always I think these polls are rigged depending who commissions them.

Here are my predictions for May, Ken will win by 8% but Labour as a political party will be hit very hard by both lib Dems and the Torys.

Come the general election I can't see how Labour will win another term. Personally I think you'll be fighting for third place.

As you won with the slogan "Things can only get better".....it's going to be "things are going to get a lot worse"

10:22 am, April 20, 2008


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