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Friday, April 04, 2008

Euro candidates for 2009

Labour's team of candidates for the 2009 European elections have now all been confirmed, with the orders of each region's team below.

East Midlands
Sitting MEPs 1 Glennis Wilmott
Vacant list 2 Roy Kennedy
3 Kathryn Salt
4 J David Morgan
5 Cate Taylor

Sitting MEPs 1 Richard Howitt
Vacant list 2 Beth Kelly
3 Nigel Gardner
4 Sherma Batson
5 James Valentine
6 Katie Curtis
7 Chris Ostrowski

Sitting MEPs 1 Claude Moraes
2 Mary Honeyball
3 Robert Evans
Vacant list 4 Anne Fairweather
5 Kevin McGrath
6 Emma Jones
7 Raj Jethwa
8 Nilgun Canver

North East
Sitting MEPs 1 Stephen Hughes
Vacant list 2 Fay Tinnion
3 Nick Wallis

North West
Sitting MEPs 1 Arlene McCarthy
2 Brian Simpson
Vacant list 3 Theresa Griffin
4 Stephen Carter
5 Jane Clarke
6 Riaz Ahmad
7 Claire Johnston
8 Brian Boag

Sitting MEPs 1 David Martin
2 Catherine Stihler
Vacant list 3 Mary Lockhart
4 Paul McAleavely
5 Kirsty Connell
6 Nasim Khan

South East
Sitting MEPs 1 Peter Skinner
Vacant list 2 Janet Sully
3 Bob Fromont
4 Lisa Homan
5 Stephen Alambritis
6 Janet Keene
7 Munir Malik
8 Silke Thomson-Pottebohm
9 Rajinder Sandhu
10 Sukhi Dhaliwal

South West
Sitting MEPs 1 Glyn Ford
Vacant list 2 Isabel Owen
3 Keir Dhillon
4 Dorothea Hodge
5 Dafydd Emlyn Williams
6 Esther Pickup-Keller

Sitting MEPs 1 Eluned Morgan
Vacant list 2 Derek Vaughan
3 Lisa Stevens
4 Gareth Williams

West Midlands
Sitting MEPs 1 Michael Cashman
2 Neena Gill
Vacant list 3 Claire Edwards
4 Anthony Edwards
5 Victoria Quinn
6 Mohammed Nazir

Yorkshire & Humber
Sitting MEPs 1 Linda McAvan
2 Richard Corbett
Vacant list 3 Emma Hoddinott
4 David Bowe
5 Melanie Onn
6 Mahroof Hussain


Anonymous Carla Bruni said...

All licking their lips in anticipation of joining the gravy train

5:36 pm, April 05, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

I'm sure plenty will also be losing their job come May.

9:50 pm, April 06, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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