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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More on Spink

In the comments on my post below people have questioned my assertion that Bob Spink's defection to UKIP could turn Castle Point into a 3-way marginal.

A bit of evidence of the UKIP vote there even before the MP defected:

Votes cast in the June 2004 European Parliament elections in Castle Point constituency

Tory 7421
UKIP 6805
Labour 4433
BNP 1569
Lib Dem 1485
Green 959
Martin Bell 742
English Democrats 477
Respect 134
'Jim' 58
Prolife 29


Blogger Dave Cole said...

Indeed. You could (I'm afraid) easily see BNP votes going to UKIP which, on those figures, would put UKIP ahead. Equally, UKIP'd probably mop up the English Democrats vote and Martin Bell was a wild card.

4:54 pm, April 22, 2008

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Anonymous Bridget Carswell said...

Your maths is still wrong. See my comment on your original post.

7:50 am, April 23, 2008

Anonymous Cleopatra said...

Sounds like a bad case of Sour Grapes !

9:10 am, April 23, 2008

Anonymous Davey Boy said...

Do you have any idea what a pathetic figure you cut today?

2:33 pm, April 23, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

The BNP will probably double 2004 numbers.

10:32 pm, April 25, 2008


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