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Friday, May 02, 2008

Early London indicators

There were some council by-elections yesterday that count before the Mayor/GLA and give an idea of the way things are going:

Barnet, Hale Ward

Con 2798 (50.1%) +5.2
Lab 1882(33.7%) -1.6
LD 487 (8.7%) -1.6
BNP 213 (3.8%)
Green 206 (3.7%) -5.8

Camden, Highgate - Green gain from Con

Green - 1482
Labour - 1185
Tory - 1180
LD - 633

K&C, Brompton - Con hold
Con 1748
LD 326
Lab 213

Hammersmith & F, Sands End - Con hold
Con 2,257
Lab 1,147
LD 518

Ealing, Greenford Broadway - Con gain from Lab
Con 1790
Lab 1770
LD 529

Tower Hamlets, Millwall - Con hold
Con 2133
Lab 1421
LD 370
BNP 219
Respect 170
Left List 83

Tower Hamlets, Weavers - Lab gain from LD
Lab 1421
LD 930
Respect 637
Con 435
BNP 154
Ind 143
Ind 77


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also hear that Labour will take Weavers Ward in Tower Hamlets convincingly from the Lib Dems.

It was the Lib's safest ward last time it was contested in May 2006.

The Labour vote in the other Tower Hamlets by-election in Millwall looks to have held up, though it is a safe Tory ward these days.

1:02 pm, May 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Luke, a narrow COnservative win last night too in the Ealing ward formerly represented by Sonika. See:

1:38 pm, May 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for poor inner city Londoners who will in future be represented by a Eton Old Boy. I feel it is highly unliky that he's going to understand their needs. But then again that's implying that he'll care.

5:41 pm, May 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least Boris will not be so arrogant as to dole out our cash to his mates.

6:32 pm, May 02, 2008

Anonymous Jan Smuts said...

"poor inner city Londoners"

By that you must mean the private school educated trustafarian trendies slowly taking over all of inner London. London in the future will become like apartheid South Africa with the workers living in dormitory slum towns outside London and bused and trained in everyday with overpriced tickets for low paid wages whlist the silver spooned cycle to work in Soho Media Town or the Shity sorry City

8:10 pm, May 02, 2008

Blogger Tim Roll-Pickering said...

It seems like the Lib Dem destruction in Tower Hamlets is proceeding apace. For now Labour are reaping the electoral rewards (and indeed it's shorn them up whilst losing on two other fronts) but I think in the next few years a realignment in Tower Hamlets politics will be complete.

9:10 pm, May 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

THe Greenford Broadway result is extraordinarily bad for the Tories - a Lab majority of 8 becoming a Tory majority of 20 - a nugatory swing since 2006. I was at the Olympia count this morning and the Tory Leader of Ealing was seriously teed off.

10:58 pm, May 02, 2008


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