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Friday, June 20, 2008

Council by-election results

Last night's council by-election results:

Braintree East Ward, Braintree DC. Con hold in a split ward. Con 668 (50.7%, +27.4%), Lab 406 (30.8%, -4.6%), Green 125 (9.5%, +9.5%), LD 119 (9.0%, -6.1%). Swing 16.0% from Lab to Con since 2007 but Labour vote actually holding up well due to local organisation given a) national polls and b) withdrawal of UKIP from field and entry of a Green candidate.

Hatfield Peverel Ward, Braintree DC. Con hold. Con 782 (78.1%, +0.1%), Lab 138 (13.8%, -8.2%), Green 81 (8.1%, +8.1%). Swing 4.1% Lab to Con since 2007, entirely because of Green intervention.

Ringwood South Ward, New Forest DC. Con gain from Ind. Con 610 (56.6%, +25%), LD 354 (32.9%, +12.3%), Lab 113 (10.5%, +1.7%). Swing 6.4% LD to Con since 2007.

Monkseaton North Ward, N Tyneside MBC. Con hold. Con 1617 (69.6%, +1.8%), Lab 413 (17.8%, -1.5%), LD 198 (8.5%, -4.4%), Green 94 (4.1%, +4.1%). Swing 1.7% Lab to Con since 1 May.

Wollaston Ward, Wellingborough BC. Con hold. Con 816 (81.1%, +10.6%) Ind 97 (9.6%, +9.6%) LibDem 93 (9.2%, +9.2%). No Lab candidate. Swing 0.5% Ind to Con since 2007.

Great Eccleston Ward, Wyre DC. Con hold. Con 778 (67.8%), Ind 309 (26.9%), LD 60 (5.2%). Unopposed in 2007. No Lab candidate.


Anonymous Rich said...

Luke its time for Brown to stop using words and take some action on Zimbabwe. It really does need some sort of hard strike to force him out of office.

A deal could be made with the US following talks with Bush to conduct an air strike on Mugabe.

It is not acceptable that we are standing by and allowing this abuse, especially when you consider our historic relationship.

11:53 pm, June 20, 2008

Blogger Merseymike said...

Unfortunately, that's exactly why it is so difficult and sometimes counter productive to be seen to be 'doing anything'.

As soon as we intervene, it simply gives Mugabe another excuse to portray the opposition ass in hock to their former colonial masters.

I think that something does need to be done but it will have to involve other African nations, or perhaps the UN

Nothing to do with the council elections, tho9ugh - why don't you start your own blog then you can control the agenda - you should be lucky Luke is so tolerant!

12:07 am, June 21, 2008

Anonymous ian said...

Has anyone else noticed that rich has a habit of posting comments that having nothing to do with Luke's original article??? The above is a perfect example Luke was talking about council by- elections and Rich is talking about Zimbabwe, whilst both are valid topics to write about I can't see the connection personally. Why dont you start up your own blogg rich??

2:34 pm, June 21, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

I wouldn't know how, but the local elections are what you would expect. Labour considering the polls.

Very little chance of Labour gaining ground under the circumstances and especially since we now have a second leader who has indicated he wants to leave his job.

My point about Zimbabwe is that we constantly hear brave words from our European leaders but nothing that indicates any type of action. I'm skeptical about sanctions because of the impact on the countries poor and think the only way is to arrest this man the next time he sets foot in Europe. I really don't think this is a time for obeying international law as he clearly isn't. The only problem I see is that his supporting war veterans would cause mayhem if Mugabe was removed.

3:11 pm, June 21, 2008

Blogger Steve Platt said...

Er, they're both about elections, I suppose.

3:11 pm, June 21, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thing I find so frightening about Gordon Brown is that I truly believe the man is mentally ill.

We all take the piss out of him because of his nose picking, finger nail chewing, jaw dropping, spastic hand movements, stuttering, appearance, awkwardness with other leaders, unable to knot his tie properly, lying cheating and thieving the UK electorate.

This man has a "Vision"? He talks stuff and nonsense. His speeches are full of Global this, vision that, entrench and enhance, liberty, British identity, challenges, freedom, responsibilities, enduring ideals, fundamental rights, courage ad nauseam. And so it goes on. Verbal garbage, sound bites, rhetoric. Absolute ********.

But away from all that.... Brown really does not understand how bloody useless he is as a Prime Minister. He really believes in this "towering intellect" nonsense. He considers his way is best and anyone else with a different opinion is beneath him. Like a preacher from the 19th Century he thunders out fire and brimstone from the pulpit. His way is right, there is no other path.

We have got another two years of this deranged sub human as Prime Minister. He will take the whole of this country down with him.

3:44 pm, June 21, 2008


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