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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Council by-elections

Harlow Common Ward, Harlow. Con gain from Lab. Con 959 46.6%, +3.1%), Lab 628 (30.5%, -14.5%), LD 419 (20.3%, +8.7%), Ind 53 (did not stand last time). Swing 8.8% from Lab to Con since 2007.

Holywell Ward, Oxford City Council. Lib Dem hold. LD 188 (40.4%, -5%), Con 112 (24.1%, +1.6%), Lab 93 (20%, +6.4%), Green 72 (15.5%, -2.9%). More progress for Labour's excellent team in Oxford. Swing of 3.3% LD to Con since 1 May.

Upperby Ward, Carlisle. 2 Labour holds. Lab 595/515 (35.2%, -12.1%), LD 428 (25.3%, -0.6%), Con 346/275 (20.5%, +5.5%), BNP 321/278 (19.0%, +7.3%). Swing 5.8% Lab to LD since 2007.

Forest Ward, LB Waltham Forest. LD hold. LD 977 (36.9%, -2.3%), Lab 927 (35.0%, +1.4%), Con 507 (19.1%, +5.9%), Greeen 184 (6.9%, -7.0%), Left List 56 (2.1%, +2.1%). Swing 1.9% LD to Lab since 2006. Good result for Labour in a highly competitive split ward.

Brockworth Division, Gloucestershire CC. LD gain from Residents. LD 1040 (52.9%, +41%), Con 751 (38.2%, +11.1%), Lab 175 (8.9%, -15.9%). Swing 15% Con to LD since 2005.

Bexhill King Offa Division, East Sussex CC. Con hold. Con 2825 (53.0%, +13.8%), LD 1991 (37.3%, + 6.7%), Lab 518 (9.7%, -20.5%). Swing 3.6% LD to Con since 2005.

Bexhill Collington Ward, Rother DC. Con hold. Con 893 (75.2%, +5.2%), LD 216 (18.2%, -11.8%), Lab 78 (6.6%, +6.6%). Swing 8.5% LD to Con since 2007.

Hope Division, Flintshire. LD gain from Ind. LD 480 (63.6%, +63.6%), Ind 275 (46.4%, -63.6%). Swing 63.6% from Ind to LD since 2005.


Blogger Merseymike said...

Appalling result in Harlow, in what was once a very safe Labour ward.

Why, Luke? Your side of the party are promoting their populist, reactionary policies aimed at Essex Man. Why aren't they cleaning up the votes?

12:27 am, June 13, 2008

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Because we are not right wing enough.


12:29 am, June 13, 2008

Blogger Merseymike said...

When I lived there, Labour held all but five seats on the local council. the Tories had only one solitary councillor.

Now the Tories are the largest party on the council and every indicator shows that bill Rammell (who is a really nice bloke even though I don't agree with him on everything) hasn't a hope of holding on next time.

oppositions don't win elections, Luke - governments lose them. Cameron is entirely vacuous, yet people are opting for him simply because he isn't labour.

Labour have managed to alienate just about every part of their core vote without picking up anyone else along the way. I wish you would wake up and realise what's going on.

Authoritarian right-wing stances are not going to win labour a single extra vote.

12:42 am, June 13, 2008

Anonymous Andrea said...

"Swing 1.9% LD to Lab since 2006. Good result for Labour in a highly competitive split ward"

Considering the cause of the byelection (which may hardly have impressed voters) I think Labour may be disappointed not to have won.

Overall, a bad night for Labour expect Oxford (I think results still to come are in weak Labour areas anyway)

8:10 am, June 13, 2008

Blogger Jock Coats said...

Just for info, the Oxford City Council website result got it wrong. I too was really pleased the Tories were fourth, but in fact they came in second - the council had transposed the results (probably because they're so used to Greens in second and Tories in fourth ini Holywell!).

10:52 am, June 13, 2008

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Thanks, corrected.

11:31 am, June 13, 2008

Anonymous Michal said...

The result in Oxford says nothing about Labour's campaign. Holywell is approximately 94% student, and Labour get very few votes from this group. Most of their vote comes from the 6%or so non-student vote.

Even ignoring the fact that getting students to vote is extremely difficult, at the moment many students have already left Oxford for the Summer. Most first and third years either have exams or are currently celebrating the ends of exams. As a result, the vote that turned out on May 1st is totally different to thevote of yesterday since a large part of the 'anybody but Lbour' vote is unable to voe either because of revision or drunken incapacitation.

2:10 pm, June 13, 2008

Blogger Jock Coats said...

Labour were doing at least as much as the Lib Dems with regard to early morning literature yesterday. Indeed I quite liked the look of the "gig ticket" good morning reminder that was going into all the pigeon holes.

2:35 pm, June 13, 2008

Blogger Dave Brinson said...

Bexhill King Offa ward includes the big Sidley estate. Both district and the old County ward used to be safe Labour. We lost it in 2005, partly due to boundary changes, but it was much closer then. A pretty worrying result.

10:55 pm, June 14, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

Labour now considering a two tier health service. The ability of patients being able to top up NHS treatment with private care.

I really can't believe what is happening to this country. The idea that the NHS provides access to equal healthcare is about to end under a Labour government.

This is just the start and I can see healthcare going exactly the same way as Dentistry.

12:08 am, June 15, 2008

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