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Friday, August 29, 2008

Council by-election results

Last night's council by-election results:

Pimhill Ward, Shrewsbury & Atcham BC. Con hold. Con 341 (45.6%, -25%), LD 331 (44.3%, +44.3%), BNP 59 (7.9%, +7.9%), Ind 16 (2.1%, +2.1%). Technically a 34.7% swing from Con to LD since 2007 but this is because the LDs did not run in 2007 but had run in earlier elections and come similarly close. Labour ran in 2007 but not in this contest or any of the pre-'07 ones.

Wickersley Ward, Rotherham MBC. Lab hold. Lab 871 (31.1%, -4.9%), Con 824 (29.5%, -9.3%), BNP 538 (19.2%, +19.2%), UKIP 373 (13.3%, -11.9%), LD 191 (6.8%, +6.8%). Swing of 2.2% from Con to Lab since May this year, when another seat in the same ward was won by the Tories by 100 votes. Good result for Labour in a split ward which was also being targeted by the BNP.


Blogger Merseymike said...

Its not a 'good' result for Labour, but only for the BNP, who seem to have seen a shift to them from UKIP. Given the national polls its an OK vote for Labour and a disappointing one for the Tories.

12:22 pm, August 29, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What frightens me is the combined UKIP/BNP vote,

I hate to say it but I sspect the rise of the extream right did for the Tories.


12:59 pm, August 29, 2008

Anonymous A Very Public Sociologist said...

Interesting to see it appears the BNP also took a slice of the Tory vote ...

9:23 pm, August 30, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

I keep warning you, the BNP are increasing their vote share every year. They will take votes from all parties unless something is done to halt the tide of immigrants coming to this country.

We can't sustain the current trend and most level headed people know it.

11:33 pm, August 31, 2008


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