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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In praise of the Guardian

For every op-ed by Polly Toynbee that winds me up, the Guardian does something fantastic that keeps me reading, 25 years after I first got hooked as an 11 year old Bennite when the man himself had a back page column, complete with the typos the paper was then infamous for.

This week it's Tim Atkin's beautiful little series of 'foldies' about wines of the world.

For 30 seconds on an early morning 149 bus through Shoreditch today his description of the white wines of Campania transported me to a beautiful holiday overlooking the Amalfi coast.

"Got a wine guide, don't need a glass of wine".


Anonymous hughes views said...

You've transported me back to Ravello (just up the hill from Amalfi) in 1983. The local red plonk purchased from the little alimentari was splendid, came with a hint of volcanic ash taste in celebration of the Vesuvius-rich soil in which it grew. It was especially wonderful drunk there on warm September evenings as the sun set slowly over the Med a thousand or so feet below. The half dozen bottles we brought back however tasted, in a North West London autumn, a bit like malt vinegar...

11:24 am, September 10, 2008


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