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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Labour launches new online strategy

Some interesting changes on Labour's website www.labour.org.uk. The Party has re-thought the way it campaigns online to take account of the latest and most imaginative methods. Instead of a top down approach Labour is opening the site up to user generated content and making it a resource to build campaigns on rather than a top down one way flow of information. I'm impressed.


Anonymous Hogwort said...

Mr Brown said he was delighted to have the backing of "one of the world's greatest ever authors".
Shes stark raving mad

9:47 am, September 20, 2008

Blogger Stewart Cowan said...

I saw the new website yesterday and wrote my own critique.

9:43 pm, September 20, 2008

Anonymous T_i_B said...

Does this new strategy invovle actually talking to people? Even those who are not card carrying Labour members?

If so then it will be a big change from the way Labour supporters currently conduct themselves online.

6:17 pm, September 22, 2008


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