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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

London Regional Conference

The London Labour Party is gearing up for its biennial regional conference on 22nd November with CLPs and affiliates starting to nominate for the positions elected there.

There's some funny (actually rather un-funny) maneuvering and politics going on in the background so I hope we don't see a slide back away from the unity and cohesiveness that characterised the way London Labour approached the Mayoral election this May.

For the train spotters amongst you, the nominations made (unanimously) by the meeting I attended last night of the Regional Political Committee of the Amicus section of Unite (which I think I'm correct in saying is the largest affiliate to the London Party even without the addition of the TGWU) were as follows:

Chair - Len Duvall AM
Vice-Chair - Linda Perks of UNISON
National Policy Forum - Maggie Cosin of GMB and Pat O'Keefe of Unite/TGWU (reflecting the political balance in the regional party and their hard work as incumbents)
BME Officer - Raj Jethwa of GMB
Disabilities Officer - Sally Mulready
Union seats on Regional Board - our own incumbent members Stuart King (Amicus Section) and Steve Hart (TGWU section), plus Leonie Cooper (Amicus section) replacing our previous member Jennie Bremner. We also nominated the other union reps who are re-standing.


Anonymous broncodelsey said...

What is the procedure for the political levy paid by union members to be switched from the Labour party to another political party?

Reason for this question is the recent private polling conducted by UNITE revealed that only 35% of members of this union would vote Labour,so why should the political levy continue to be given to Labour?

10:03 pm, September 03, 2008

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

It varies from union to union. FBU and RMT have already done it. Obviously I think they are wrong. In practice I guess you would need to get an anti-Labour majority elected to control the union's NEC.

10:28 pm, September 03, 2008

Blogger Mark Still News said...

May I correct you LUKE on the RMT?

1 single Scottish Branch affiliated to the Scot socialist Party,but nearly 2000, branches were afilated to the LP, so the NLP chucked out 75,000 RMT members. The RMT was one of the founders of the Labour Party when it was the NUR!
Labour have scabbed on the RMT, when the RMT were kicked out of the NLP.
But NLP don't want these awful lower classes in their party any more!!

6:07 pm, September 08, 2008


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