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Saturday, September 20, 2008

On the train

On the train to Manchester and just spent a pleasant half an hour chatting to labourhome editor Alex Hilton, despite the fact his site is carrying a post headlined"Luke Akehurst is a moron". Luckily I am a very thick-skinned and forgiving moron.


Blogger Chris Paul said...

Luke Akehurst AND Alex Hilton are morons if you ask me, and that Chris Paul to boot. But Alex takes the biscuit this week, selling tosh to the Indy who have been scammed.

There is no authority and no authenticity to the LH "poll" of self selecting respondents of unknown political allegiances.

Some of the same sock puppets as the ones operating over at Labour Home as leader writers have been attacking here and at Tom Watson's too.

Alex and Co didn't "write to Labour Party members" as some apologists suggest they wrote to their open to all mailing list and to their open to all blog.

Shame on the Independent - and the rest of the media sheeple - for presenting this bit of light relief as a serious poll alongside those by proper polling organisations.

The methodology doesn't stand up. The sample is both self selecting and uncontrolled. If it reflects the actual views of the grass roots in any way - even of the presumably youngish blog reading wild eyes tendancy - that is purely by chance. I'm sure Alex can see that himself.

And what's more the views will have changed even in the last five days. The Indy needed to have more cautions on this stuff and Labour Home mustn't over-sell their status or authenticity. in my opinion.

10:19 am, September 20, 2008

Anonymous Hrothgar said...

You seem to be under the impression that anyone other than three MPs, five bearded council workers, and a large pile of dirty sandals actually reads the Independent.

11:54 am, September 20, 2008

Anonymous tim f said...

hrothgar - that's not the point. It was picked up by the bbc once the Indie ran with it.

1:47 pm, September 20, 2008

Blogger Chris Paul said...

Hrothgar - unfortunately the Editors at Sky News, BBC 24 etc saw the headline on a newstand as they powered by in their Bentley and ran the story too ...

2:24 pm, September 20, 2008

Anonymous dirty euro said...

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i am trepped insied cris pauls basemnet

i am his gmip

i wnet to his houes for big brwon supproters praty but he toek me hstage

he is jsut a drity creepe. he mak me do bad thinsg

4:15 pm, September 20, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh Err - and I lift this from the BBC site

"Meanwhile a YouGov survey of 1,200 Labour members for the Sunday Times suggested 53% thought Mr Brown was "indecisive and dithering" and just 34% thought he had an exciting vision for the future.

Earlier Mr Brown's financial competence was questioned by the chairman of Marks and Spencer, Sir Stuart Rose.

Sir Stuart told the BBC the government should have acted quicker when it became clear last year that Britain was entering a period of sustained economic weakness. "

This survey appears to back the 'Labour Home' survey that you have slagged off.

Can I spell it out in simple words, that even an ex pupil of that minor public skool "Kent College" can understand.

Brown is so distrusted that if he stood outside of polling stations handing out £50 notes very few punters would take them, as nobody would beleive that they are genuine.

For the good of the Party and the Public - Brown must go ! And very quickley. Otherwise we will be left with an extream Tory Gvmnt - Who will make Thatcher look people friendly.


11:49 pm, September 20, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not Alex's site. Mike Danson recently snapped up Labourhome, according to Jemima Kiss at the Guardian, and as you will notice it is being used to promote the NS.

Nowhere on Labourhome does it say that it owned by Danson, and has become part of the NS stable, nor does it say that Alex Hilton works out of the NS office (according to the Guardian at least).

12:06 pm, September 22, 2008


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