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Saturday, October 18, 2008

No10 bolsters press operation

I was pleased to hear last night at DCLG Special Adviser Paul Richards' birthday party that No10 has appointed Michael Dugher and John Woodcock to run the Downing Street media operation.

This is a good move - they are both experienced operators originally out of the NOLS Office stable (like all the best people) who are liked and respected by the journalists they will be dealing with.

It's also politically significant in that it will inspire trust across the party that No10 won't be briefing against departmental ministers - John has been working until now for the very definitely Blairite John Hutton, whilst Michael has been working for Geoff Hoon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is one possible loser in all of this.

Who is the one person who the Chief Whip was up against in the legislative programme? Hattie Harperson

Who is the one person who the SoS for the DTI was up against on regulation on employment practices? Hattie Harperson.

I expect her to be sidelined quicksmart.

11:19 am, October 18, 2008

Blogger Hughes Views said...

Good news, I hope they'll also get (and not be too proud to heed)advice from Alastair Campbell.

btw the BBC's reporting that John Denham's department is to introduce new guidelines as a result of your council's 'Metric martyr' case. A sensibly pragmatic thing to do, there's no point in unnecessarily stirring up the silly Merrie Olde England brigade...

12:36 pm, October 18, 2008

Anonymous John said...

Yes Hughes - and we're setting out an upper limit on the population we believe the UK can support, go Phil! Another thing Luke has argued strongly against, but which is both right and popular.

Must feel strange to be arguing against the Government and the people, rather than against the Left, Luke!

7:45 pm, October 18, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

finally the government realises the importance of strict controls on immigration, but is it too late:


I'm getting some info regarding the potential impact on insurance and pensions following the collapse of numerous hedge funds last week. Our own pension scheme, which is considered low risk, has lost over 40% of its value in just 6 months. The impact of the current financial crisis is just starting to be felt in the real economy and from my own perspective is going to be felt for at least 10 years as we try and recover the value of lost investments. There is going to be at least 1/2 million job losses in the next 2 years if the insurance industry goes the same way.

With all this in mind it is now time to protect British workers by freezing all immigration regardless of European agreements. If we don't then you are going to have widespread civil unrest and soaring crime.

10:06 pm, October 18, 2008

Blogger Merseymike said...

Can't be done. The EU is a single market and free movement exists between the countries in terms of labour. That means Britons can work where they wish in the EU as well. What is likely is that far fewer people will wish to come anyway

12:22 am, October 19, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

But Germany and France have legislation in place that stop economic migrants from Eastern Europe and Poland, why don't we have the same? They are also going to the European commision to get this legislation extended.

I get the feeling that this government has done very little to negotiate the best deals for the UK.

If we don't do something soon we could be looking at a very big benefit bill and could hamper any attempts of the government to bolster the economy through spending. We want to come out of this recession with as little debt as possible.

12:53 pm, October 19, 2008

Anonymous T_i_B said...

How about getting yourselves better policies rather then hiring more spin doctors to try and polish the turd.

1:02 pm, October 19, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luke just drops in he was at a SpAD's birthday party...as if anyone cares...

5:00 pm, October 19, 2008

Blogger Duncan Hall said...

Michael Dugher!!??

6:24 pm, October 19, 2008

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

I thought you would be pleased Duncan.

10:09 pm, October 19, 2008

Blogger Shamik said...

If anything we need more immigration, we need to entice foreign businessmen to come over here and set up shop, re-vitalising our economy, bringing employment, wealth and prosperity.

A tax cut for businesses and a reduction in red tape is definitely the way ahead!

Meanwhile, at the other end, the economy would probably collapse were it not for migrant labour.

12:09 pm, October 20, 2008

Blogger Mark Still News said...

We are a small Island and have had enough immigration, they reckon we are at 61 million now and will soon go up to 71 million, but the true figure now is around 65 million people in our Nation. Immigration has always been used by the capitalist parasites as a way of undermining British workers, so there is another desperate workforce out there ready to undercut our rates.That's why they opened our flood gates in the 1960's, it really worked as Unions were winning good pay rises and conditions, but once the Labour market was flooded then there was more competition around. We have not enough Schools or Hospitals to take any more immigrants and already there is a chronic housing shortage. Our green and pleasant land will not contain any more people.

1:48 pm, October 20, 2008

Anonymous Miles said...

Great news!
Cos Hutton and Hoon get a great press don't they!

1:59 pm, October 21, 2008


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