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Friday, October 03, 2008

The Reshuffle

As per his previous form, Brown is rather better at smoothly executing reshuffles than Blair was, and seems keener to promote perceived Blairites than the man himself did.

I think the Mandelson appointment is inspired and game-changing and hopefully draws a line under some of the history of the period from 1994 to now. He was an exceptionally good DTI Secretary during his previous stint - introducing the Minimum Wage and Regional Development Agencies. Quite apart from masterminding the 1997 landslide and being a descendant of Herbert Morrison.

Good to see Geoff Hoon and John Hutton staying in the Cabinet too - particularly with the latter getting a job he really wanted to do at Defence.

Also significant that Energy & Climate Change are getting the stand-alone Department they need.


Blogger Democratic-Centre said...

A good move. New Labour needs to go back and re-visit the content on which the people shook hands with the party between 1995-1997 and then onwards.

So to the people kept faith with Princess Diana, Tony Blair kept faith with American capitalism in the hope that it could help build a better Britain.

That belief was never going to be challenged by the Tories either ideologically. But now everything has changed, things are upside down and a new debate is needed, with those New Labour values held up as to what went wrong and where and when. Be honest too. May as well go down setting the record straight - keep the debate clean let Tory bloggers be conspicuous for snidey comments.

New Labour must now get into party ideology mode, de-couple from administrative functions yet still function as a government, of course.

It is likely that there will be big ideological changes needed and this will require a re-connection with voters to that narrative of 1994 onwards.

Point out to the failings, a way to fix it too and look the electorate straight in the eyes by offering a real plan and way out of the situation.

Brown and New Labour are closer to explaining a way out than the Tories as they are in power and must know the problems to find the critical answers to the critical questions.

Tories are just speculating.

There is no doubt everything is going to get shitty for everyone, but as the Germans remark about concerns form others that their national football is 'average', average they say is fine so long as it is better than the other team's average.

In my view Labour still has that better average of political coherence than the Tories.

3:13 pm, October 03, 2008

Blogger Hughes Views said...

Excellent stuff, a fourth term beckons...

4:27 pm, October 03, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Draw a line'! Are you quite sure Luke? Old Mandy has said some bitchy things about Brown since he left for the EU gravy train.

There is alot of baggage with Mandy and it will all be brought up again!

4:33 pm, October 03, 2008

Anonymous Dirty Euro said...

I hope crudas can be brough in. I have no problem with Mandy, but the left should have novice in the cabinet.

4:36 pm, October 03, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come back Alastair Campbell !

Were are you now your Party needs you ?


5:55 pm, October 03, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you Brown - you dislike/hate the man, as does half the Labour Party. He's a corrupt numpty who's already had to resign twice. How desperate do you have to be!!

6:35 pm, October 03, 2008

Blogger Democratic-Centre said...

The thing is about the hard left is that they should be grateful for Mandelson's return because there is no better Shylock to get the pound of flesh from the more wealthy.

After Britain has socialised a lot of financial debt Mandelson is best placed to work with business and the finance sector; however, he is also best placed to argue for slightly higher taxation in the higher paid brackets.

Did you notice that on Question Time, the CBI guy said that 97% of UK was protected under 50K guarantee scheme. This means that 3% of the population in UK have the excessive wealth, it is these people who need to pay that bit more when in downturn. Notice Heseltine was arguing in their favour!

No better Shylock to get the now needed pound of flesh whilst looking them straight in the face, the sultan.

It opens the doors in Europe too.

For those that think it is a political game think again as Labour are in massive difficulties with national unemployment on the way, the voters will be kicking No 10's door in unless nothing but the best is delivered - that is pretty much impossible given the environment.

Key thing at Cabinet level is that it lets Brown let key players off the leash such as Mandelson, Milibands to attack and defend. Time for the long awaited team effort.

Anyway, Hague has a cheek, what is he but a failed party leader.

8:40 pm, October 03, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

I can't see the point of holding onto power if you lose all the fundamental beliefs that are core to your party.

Mandelson is Browns attempt to hang onto power at all costs. One thing has changed though....it's peoples opinion of him. They dislike him, mistrust him and find him arogant. So if Brown honestly thinks this man will spin Labour back into the polls then he is a fool.

This is a huge error of judgment, the idea that Brown is trusting one of the most untrust worthy politicians of the Blair era is crazy.

9:40 pm, October 03, 2008

Blogger Mark Still News said...

A lot of people perception of Mandelson as slime and corrupt. Again I state he is a liability to the LP.

10:16 pm, October 03, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

I met Mandelson about 7 years ago at a trade an industry event in the Barbican. I have never met such a snob in my life, totally stuck up.

At the time I was a loyal Labour supporter and could not see why Blair would want such a twat in the cabinet.

10:36 pm, October 03, 2008


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