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Friday, November 14, 2008

Can Labour really win the next general election?

Yes we can, says Douglas Alexander.


Anonymous Rich said...

Well based on the polls there is a possibility that you could but there is also a bigger chance you won't.

This government has done nothing of any good since it has been under Brown. All the bad news is not simply Brown being unlucky but the result of tens years of bad policy and running of the economy.

We are in a mess and this isn't just the economy. The government transport policy has failed, its energy policy has failed, it has failed on law and order and it has failed to bridge the ever increasing gap between the rich and the poor.

Brown has literally destroyed British pensions and he is ranked the worst PM for pensions in British history. So why is it after 10 years of record growth that our pensions are in such a mess. Brown has been a diaster and it is going to mean that every person in this country will have to make up 17 years of contributions by working longer and paying more in.

After 10 years of growth and high taxation you would expect amazing public services and good public finances. But we don't have that and we are now in record debt.

Not only is the country in debt but it's people are too. Individual debt is currently unsustainable and is causing misery as people borrow more just to stay afloat.

Two wars, a million dead and no weapons of mass destruction found. Resulting in homeland terrorism.

The consequence the biggest ever shift towards a police state with wholesale removal of human rights and the introduction of the ID card.

Immigration at record levels putting every service in every council under strain. Recent report indicates that up to 20,000 jobs created by the Olympics will be taken by an immigrant.

Unemployment at a 15 year high and still rising at 1000 day. Access to benefits has remained unchanged despite a Labour government.

"No More Boom and Bust" Brown has created the biggest bust of this century and Britain is now the worst placed country to weather the storm.

Why on earth would people honestly vote for Labour again.

2:48 pm, November 14, 2008

Anonymous Arnold said...

Why on earth would anyone vote for Cameron and his Bullingdon chums? All they have to offer is the same kind of divided society we got in the '80's and early '90's. The rich were very rich and the poor very poor. That's the kind of thing the Americans dumped last week, so why does anyone want it over here?

3:08 pm, November 14, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

Arnold, funny as you appear to be describing the current regime. Both Labour and the conservtive have very priveledge backgrounds....nothing in it. Plus the Rich are now very rich and the poor are now very poor and those in the middle are getting poorer.

Worse still is that social mobility has virtually stopped under Labour....the worst its been for 30 years.

3:55 pm, November 14, 2008

Blogger anonymous said...

There is no recession.

That's the conclusion of the not highly paid people I work with, even the most cynical, and also others with whom I have conversed.

There is evidence pointing towards a recession, however people around me are feeling perfectly comfortable with their lot.

Labour can win again as there are voters who are not listening to the media hysteria and who are not afraid.

6:16 pm, November 14, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

Tell that to the 2 million people looking for work, or the millions struggling to pay their huge mortgages.

Recession is here, it's serious and it's going to get a lot worse....wake up.

7:24 pm, November 14, 2008

Anonymous Harridan Harman said...

20,000 people lost their jobs last week!!

Don't worry apparently we can all work on the Olympic disaster zone

7:50 pm, November 14, 2008

Blogger Mark Still News said...

Minister for the Olympics
Tessa Jowell: Britain would not have bid for 2012 Olympics if we knew about recession
Britain would not have bid to host the 2012 Olympics if the Government had known that a recession was approaching, the minister in charge of the London games has admitted.

This sort of comment coming from any minister really annoys me and insults my intelligence (I do have some you know even though I am working class). In government you have the civil service, where economists are employed and the services of Professors of economics are even utilised and you have loads of Analysts. The government knew a recession was coming-the signs were there 4 years ago with the astronomical housing inflation and if this was included in the RPI inflation would be well above 20%. Any way what follows a boom in the cycle? Any common person knows-this it is a bust! I am sure all these highly paid experts employed by the government advised Brown when he was Chancellor.

Do these ministers really take us for idiots-They knew a recession was under way but still bid for the Olympics.

At the end of the day don't try that cds wallop again?

10:25 pm, November 14, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

Can someone please explain to me why a recession would have anything but positive impact in relation to the Olympics. Surely a huge sporting event would lift the spirits and provide jobs and much needed income for the country.

I think the UK has to accept that we can't match china with respect to spending and we should concentrate on providing good facilities for the world stage so that all athletes can perform well.

11:15 am, November 16, 2008


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