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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Job ad of the week

Tory PPC for marginal seat requires Assistant Campaign Manager and Assistant Press Officer who can do the following:

"Don’t worry about facts. We are looking for: good writing skills, inventiveness, the ability to cut to the salient points, being able to put forward a persuasive argument and to present the candidate in a strong and positive way. You can draw in other imaginary or real elements in order to do this."

and can deal with scenarios like this one:

“A UFO has landed in Northampton North and some 4500 very small green aliens are running around causing havoc. They are eating their way through people’s gardens, as roses are their staple diet. There is chaos in Northampton North and the people are calling out for action.”

Interested? Apply here: http://www.w4mp.org/html/personnel/jobs/disp_job.asp?ref=16818


Anonymous Andy said...

I think the job ad of the week is for "temp social workers" in your borough.

Are you happy with your current social workers, employees of yourcouncil, after what they and you have allowed to be done to baby P.

Your party is a damned disgrace. That poor child died in agony inflicted over a long period of time and your council is responsible

Can you possibly excuse this?

No doubt you'll try

7:08 pm, November 11, 2008

Anonymous Andy said...

And Luke, in case you've hidden your head in a pillow to avoid the real gory truth, read this:

"The toddler - known as Baby P - suffered more than 50 injuries and was on the child protection register but was allowed to stay in the care of his mother, her boyfriend and their lodger.

Today, his 32-year-old "step-father" and lodger Jason Owen, 36, were convicted of causing or allowing Baby P's death, a charge already admitted by the child's 27-year-old mother.

The trial at the Old Bailey heard about a catalogue of failings on the part of social workers, health visitors and police.

One consultant paediatrician failed to spot Baby P's broken back or ribs in August last year - just 48 hours before his death - while police told the mother she would not be prosecuted after being arrested twice for suspected child cruelty.

The court heard how she had been able to manipulate the situation with lies and even got away with smearing Baby P with chocolate to hide bruises.

By the end, he was unrecognisable, his curly, golden locks shaved off, his cheeks hollow and his eyes dead to the world.

The family, from Haringey, north London, cannot be named for legal reasons."

Now tell me your fucking client state policies work ..

7:48 pm, November 11, 2008

Anonymous RM said...

Well, on a day when we're meant to be remembering the millions who gave, and are still giving, their lives for this country I can see that the truly important news is a Tory 'Help Wanted' ad. Even more important than the death of Baby P and the appalling IMHO lack of responsibility & accountability of Haringay SS? Victoria Climbie mark II - how many more vulnerable children will be shamefully left to die before action is taken? Procedures don't need reviewing - the people supposed to carry them out do. Never mind about 'lessons have been learned' - a few sackings would concentrate the minds wonderfully.

7:59 pm, November 11, 2008

Blogger Old Holborn said...


Apply here

8:18 pm, November 11, 2008

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Andy and RM

I think you are labouring under a misaprehension about where I am a councillor.

The case in question - which like you I am horrified by - didn't involve my council or my council's social workers because I am a Councillor in Hackney not Haringey - different though neighbouring place, different council.

9:22 pm, November 11, 2008

Blogger Mark Still News said...

I wondered what happened to my Roses?

10:09 pm, November 11, 2008

Blogger Mark Still News said...

The very extreme nasty child abuse should not be used to attempt to gain political points! It is horrifying and how much more is going on undetected?

10:20 pm, November 11, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luke, have you ever had a proper job ?

11:50 pm, November 11, 2008

Blogger Matthew Cain said...

This man is clearly the embodiment of the new Tories: a lawyer, a constitutional expert on the TV no less, and a prize winner from Aylesbury Value District Council.

With talents such as these who would need a campaigns officer with a wild imagination?

6:43 am, November 12, 2008

Blogger kris said...

lol. Years on, Luke still cannot resist leading with the chin. What's remarkable is that he continues to wonder why.

I think we all get you are a Hackney councillor, Luke. We all get that Hackney Council is a shambles. We all get that Hackney is the place to be if you require a £50K job blowing smoke up labour Councillors' backsides.

7:35 am, November 12, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

Very true, and worse still is the slow insidious removal of human rights and all hidden behind the mask of terror.

Recent terror legislation allowed the UK government to seize the assets of the stricken Iceland Bank, just some idea of how far reaching these new laws apply.

More legislation under the enforcement bill will give any bailiff the right of entry to a property, thus removing all rights of the individual. All this when the banks are clawing back debts in an attempt to regain their losses. The British government has caved into Bank pressure giving the banks the rights to collect debts in anyway they choose.

The debate on a national DNA database has been conveniently relaunched as the government once again tests public opinion. This time they are using the classic...."if you have done nothing wrong what have you to fear". Without adding to the debate that this information would be very valuable to a wide range of organizations.....insurance companies, banks, private health care....etc etc. soon your DNA could determine whether you get a mortgage.

Still the government tries to instill fear into British people about imminent terrorist plot in an attempt to get public backing for longer detention periods and new anti terror laws. Yet it was the British people that lived through a generation of terrorist plots from the IRA...with no such laws.

Even the right to strike is being slowly removed and the government has used the media as a means to show striking workers negatively.

This country is slowly turning into a police state. British people should know that men and women died to obtain these liberties and it's important to acknowledge this at this time of year.

10:10 am, November 12, 2008

Blogger Theo Blackwell's blog said...

Whta a particularly nasty bunch of right-wing trolls today...

Never mind the creative-writing UFO stuff, will the said temp post help to spin the Tories' fantasy 'economic' 'plans'?

10:16 am, November 12, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

My post obviously very right wing......protection of civil liberties.

No matter what government in power.....I would be saying the same thing. This is beyond party politic.

10:38 am, November 12, 2008

Blogger Mark Still News said...

End of Council tenancies for life
Ministers, prompted by a proposal by the Chartered Institute for Housing, may review the entitlement of council house tenants to keep lifelong tenancies amid pressure over long waiting lists. Nearly four million people are waiting to be housed but only 170,000 properties are becoming available every year. Up to four in ten households are on waiting lists for council housing in some parts of England.

One proposal would see new tenants offered fixed-term rental contracts and those whose financial situation improves would be encouraged to move into the private sector, purchase part-ownership of their home or face higher rents. In addition, unemployed people could be denied a council home unless they can show they are actively seeking work.
Instead of building more homes and its "an attempt to turn council housing into a kind of transit camp for the poor and needy,"


11:24 am, November 12, 2008

Blogger Mark Still News said...

The end of Council Tenancies for life!

People get council homes because they have the most points.Some times they improve their situation by getting a better job, through training and hard work. Do we penalise hard working people by making their lives insecure and unhappy. At the moment people who work, take good care of their council homes, they redecorate and keep the gardens nice if they have one.If you took away the long term tenancy agreements, would this really be an incentive for people to try and improve their lives? Would they take good care of their homes as they are only their temporarily?

There are nearly 1 million empty properties in England, why don't the government seize theses and refurbish them.

The price of housing is far too expensive,shouldn't the government govern and put controls on rents and house purchase prices?

A move like this to take away life tenancy would not encourage people to go out and train for better jobs. Many hard working people would be forced out of their council homes into private accommodation they can't afford and would lead to debts and more borrowing.

The only people who would be really secure tenants are those that can't work or families with social problems, such as ASBO's and alcohol/drug and violence problems.

There are many working people in council accommodation that genuinely can't afford to buy or rent in the private sector. To rent a house in Hackney would cost well over a thousand a Month, a working mans wages would only be around £1300 take home, how could he afford to keep a wife and kids and pay all the bills?

If housing costs were kept low, more working people would be able to buy them, thus alleviating social housing demand. Until the day the government puts controls on the private sector housing, the Council tenants should be left alone!!

11:46 am, November 12, 2008

Blogger Letters From A Tory said...

The alien scenario still sounds more appealing than having a Labour government.

1:04 pm, November 12, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

I don't think I've ever known a time in the UK when we've had so little choice. Not one of the main three is offering any real choice and all are occupying the same ground.

I think this reflects how people think or don't think in this country. Last night I saw an article of a midland man who has lost his home as the result of losing his job as a roofing contractor. The man is now living on the streets selling the big issue. While most people treat the homeless with respect, there are some brainless individuals who feel it is right to tell this poor bloke to get a job or even worse punch and kick him

I fear public opinion of the less fortunate is the result of our politicians lacking the courage to stand up for those with very little voice.

Every party is now talking about the unemployed as if they are too lazy or as if they a product to be traded without any say. Politicians failing to grasp that is is their policies that are putting people out of work or making it impossible for them to work.

Both the tories and Labour couldn't be more wrong.

5:02 pm, November 12, 2008

Blogger Mark Still News said...


Your correct on that one, its appalling that unemployed people are being hounded and harassed by the politicians,State and public.If you ever had to go to a job centre cap in hand queuing up with drug addicts & alcoholics, it sure is degrading. You've queued up half the day to get what is rightfully yours as you earned through paying taxes and National insurance all those years. Then you are faced dealing with bureaucratic forms and treated like low life. Then in the waiting room some one is fighting and threatening people, and you hear arguments. You see a lot of stressed people, becoming very aggressive, you try not to catch their eyes, it can be quite frightening going into these places. So you keep going to these job centres to sign on and go through bureaucratic procedures to see if you have applied for jobs or not. No wonder a lot of people break down and end up being homeless or turn to drugs and alcohol. The jobs just are not there! To qualify for training you have to be unemployed for over 6 months before you can apply so that's a year wasted. All workers should be given 1 days paid release from work to attend college to learn additional skills even if its paid by the government as it would give workers more confidence knowing they are skilled in other fields.

As a Christian society why do we treat these victims of our economic system so badly such as the unemployed roofer selling the big issue?

9:36 pm, November 12, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

Mark, we had employed a bloke about a year ago who was refused any benefits because he decided to go on holiday. They said he wasn't actively seeking work and was only entitled to two weeks a year.

This chap had full national insurance contributions and only received £50 + £ a week as his wife was still working.

As 1000 people a day lose their jobs I'm sure you are going to see a lot more posts like this.

This government stinks and all this job centre plus crap is just polished turd.

9:44 am, November 13, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

Maybe you should read this

Brown the worst PM ever for pensions.

Read this


11:36 am, November 13, 2008

Blogger Merseymike said...

Would be helpful if people actually engaged with the subject of the post rather than used it as a platform for their BNP views.

Why doesn't Rich start his own blog? Or would that risk identifying himself?

10:58 am, November 16, 2008


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