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Saturday, November 29, 2008

More correspondence from the BNP

Along with other Hackney councillors who signed an anti-BNP letter in the local paper, I've had this email from one of their nine members in the borough:

"Dear Mr Akehurst,

my name is Giuseppe De Santis and I'm writing to you in relation to the leaflets delivered by the British National Party in Hackney. Far from being ashamed,I'm a very happy member of this party. Actually I'm the first Italian to become a BNP officer. I see you are very upset about this leaflet and I wonder why,we are a legitimate political party and have all the rights to deliver our message across even if you find it unacceptable. People who don't like our material can throw it in the bin,we are happy with that as we don't force anyone to accept it. You can argue about the extent of anti-white racism but I can tell you it exists and your denial can only bring more support to us as we are the only party willing to talk about this unconfortable [sic] truth. You claim that Hackney is proud of its diversity and so the support for the BNP is very low. I agree with the latter but not with the former. Personally I don't like to live in a multiracial society and I can't recall any politician asking me if I want to be swamped by mass immigration. A lot of people agree with me on that but you won't find them in Hackney as they may have moved in other areas with very few ethnic minorities. As for diversity I can be proud of it but only if no whites [sic] represent just 1-2% of the population in Hackney as well as in London. I expect you to say I'm a racist and a fascist but,as Hazel Blears admitted last week,this will do nothing to stop us given that one of the reason of the growing BNP support is the inability of other parties to listen to people. Also Trevor Phillips understood that attacking us is pointless so much that he asked government to increase help to the white working class. So please don't be shocked if the BNP is getting more and more popular. Thank you for your time.
Your sincerely. GIUSEPPE DE SANTIS"

Three reactions:

1) According to Searchlight magazine Mr de Santis is Italian-born, and moved to London in 2000 as an economic migrant. Isn't it a bit confused/hypocritical for him to denounce "mass immigration"?
2) He must have chosen to live in Hackney. Given that he says "personally I don't like to live in a multiracial society", why choose to live in one of the most multiracial boroughs in London?
3) He wants "no[n] whites [to] represent just 1-2% of the population in Hackney as well as in London"? How does he propose to reduce the "no white" (sic) population of Hackney or indeed London, from its current level (Hackney's ethnic minority population is pushing 50%, though I would be interested to know if Mr de Santis' racism defines Jews, Kurds and Turks as "no white") to 1-2%? The old National Front policy of forced repatriation or some more sinister method? Is reducing the "no white" population of Hackney and London to 1-2% official BNP policy?


Blogger Brummie Alice said...

Perhaps someone should daub his house with slogans such as 'piss off back to Italy.'

10:09 am, December 01, 2008

Anonymous Who are They? said...

Do we have to entertain in correspondence with this pool of hypocritical nasty filth!

2:43 pm, December 01, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surprisingly polite letter. Obviously idiotic, but assuming it wasn't written in faeces then this chap displays more manners than your usual BNP thug.

Manners cannot hide the fact, however, that he is a Class A Moron.

6:23 pm, December 01, 2008

Blogger Mark Still News said...

Bloody cowards they were, these Fascists were! Mussolini changed sides so many times.

They bombed Northern Spain backing up Franco and invaded Ethiopia. Mussolini cowards tortured many partisans to a slow agonising death and sent many Jews to the Concentration camps.

It was good when they hanged the traitor on a meat hook!

Tell this santa to go back to Italy as he is not welcome here?

12:54 am, December 02, 2008

Anonymous Ed said...

Brummie Alice is a hypocrite and a disgrace to the Labour movement.

She’s obviously too thick to realise that her comment is both racist and illegal.

The sooner the filth feel her collar the better.


5:08 pm, December 02, 2008

Blogger Jeff Marshall said...

Probably Mr de Santis lives in 'one of the most multiracial boroughs in London' out of sheer poverty - as many others do who are forced to live in areas like that.

No-one who can afford to live elsewhere chooses to lives among the sort of scum that Hackney is filled with - thanks to the treacherous anti-white policies of post war Labour and Conservative governments.

Immigrants lower house prices everywhere you find them.

Why is that? No-one wants them here that’s why.

When the BNP obtains middle class as well as white working class support we’ll be unstoppable.

Even the immigrants don’t want more immigrants.


5:08 pm, December 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luke Akehurst says the old National Front had a policy of forced repatriation. Perhaps Luke could explain why he – apparently - thinks this is worse than Labour’s forced ethnic displacement and replacement of the indigenous population? Not only have Labour had this policy since 1948, they’ve put it into practice!

5:44 pm, December 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing the hypocrisy of some of the posters here against an immigrant whose opinion happens to differ from their own.
But then lefties can't stand any form of dissent, can they?
Well, be advised, we've had enough of your multi-cultural 'vibrant' communities, your dismantling of Britain to parcel it up neatly for Brussels, your tax and spend policies, your ludicrously politicised police forces, to name but a few outrages perpetrated against the indigenous peoples of this country by this 'government'.

Labour is dying, the BNP is growing hugely - and not a moment too soon.

7:44 pm, December 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

perhaps any liebour voters can tell us why the BNP is growing, and liebour aint.Liebour attack democracy and act like facists themselves ,by wanting to ban the BNP ,lets see what happens at the elections.

7:58 pm, December 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

perhaps mr Akers can tell us what the 'secret tennency act' is all about ,if he is too embarrased, ask your local BNP group for a copy of a labour govt document,see for yourselves,who discriminates?

8:05 pm, December 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If socialism is so great why did the Russians ditch it ? and why do labour still peddle the outdated idea? even Karl-marks is buried in the west1 and not a commie country! Mr Ackers did the USSR have a free thinking CND ? or a soviet puppet CND!. Also if labour has stopped the boom, and bust cycle according to brown,what part are we in now? please explain.

8:22 pm, December 02, 2008

Blogger sentientbeing said...

anonymous6:23 PM, December 01, 2008
"Obviously idiotic"
Beppe came from Italy in 2000 as an economic immigrant, and is surprisingly polite..! Patronising or what?
I know beppe, and he is a nett contributor to this country. He is not a sponger. He speaks English without the aid of an interpreter. He is more of a Patriot than Akehurst, at least he is not one of the 2 out of 3 new employees in the public sector sucking on the teat of my taxes.
"A Class A Moron". Who is the moron, beppe, or the dickheads who support this undemocratic Government which sponsors the invasion of our country?
The NF is history, do not dwell on the past. We are not moronic knuckle draggers. We only want to be what we have been since Magna Carta. A society that recognises its own.!

9:02 pm, December 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Luke, according to your blogg there are 9 BNP members in your area how do you know this ? you have broken the law receiving this info!from the leaked list? so how maney people voted for the BNP in the GLA elections? more than 9? and thats after 40 ballot boxs were tampered with!

9:31 pm, December 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many muslims have labour killed in Irag,and Afghanistan 50,000?

How maney have the BNP killed?= none!

It appears labour are murderers,will you mr Akehurst be calling for a war crimes tribunal?

9:37 pm, December 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sneer (sic) at the spelling mistakes in this letter. How well do you write in Italian?

According to research done in the USA by the Harvard sociogist Robert D Putnam, social trust varies inversely with ethnic diversity. The more diverse an area, the less people trust and interact with one another, and the more they withdraw into themselves, even from their closest friends.

As the most diverse area in London, Hackney is also the area where people are the most miserably lonely, alienated and fearful.

It is the kind of place that is utterly devoid of a sense of community as an area, which people long to escape from so that they can be with their own kind and feel more at home.

I was born and raised in Hackney. Now it is the realisation of the vision of the multicutural, multiracial nirvana, you can keep it.

10:52 pm, December 02, 2008

Blogger Jeff Marshall said...

I was also born and raised in Hackney & remember when Kingsland High Street was a wonderful high street – a Marks and Spencer, a British Home Stores, a old fashioned Sainsbury’s with marble-topped counters – and that was all just between Dalston Lane & the Ridley Road.

The whole area had a sense of community.

Now look at the place – worse than the filthiest slums of the south side of Chicago.

The old Dalston library was once an excellent resource & you could always use it to help with school homework. Now it contains only the patchiest collection of books aimed at ‘minorities’.

A British history section? Some hope! Just Holocaust studies and a few books on colonialism and slavery.

The library has even been renamed after some black militant.

I cannot convey how disgusting this area has become – largely thanks to the unrestricted immigration policies & political correctness promoted by Akehurst’s Labour party.

11:23 pm, December 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What these prats dont realise is that every tie they post they leave an IPS code.

Usr of the "Sam Spade" tool kit enables any moderatly competant computer person the ability to extract E-Mail Addresses linked to that IPS.

Run the "find" facility in Word Pad against the British Nazi Party list and oops, what the knuckle draggers forget is that what they thought was anon abuse is not anon.

Bearing in mind a recent poll has shown that the majority think that ebership of the BNP is grounds for disciplinary action by employers - so sunshines, goodbye jobs and good bye pensions.


11:43 pm, December 02, 2008

Blogger Jeff Marshall said...

The problem for you, GW, is that membership of a perfectly legal political party is not grounds for dismissal from one's job or the loss of one's pension.

You'll find my name and address and e-mail address on the recent BNP membership list leaked online.

So if you want to do anything about that vis a vis my employers you are quite welcome to try.


12:26 am, December 03, 2008

Blogger Mark Still News said...

There seems to be a lot of Anonymous right wingnuts on this thread!

Actually Mr Other Anonymous. The Russians actually regret ditching Socialism. Before they got rid of their Socialism, there was no need to emigrate and most were content to stay, but now millions Russians are trying to get out of the place as, Capitalism is awful there, a few Billionaires control and own everything and the democratic workers management committees are now banned by the Totalitarian Profiteers. The people have to que 3 hours for a loaf of bread and many don't get any wages. Trade Unions are illegal in many parts of Capitalist Russia.

1:00 am, December 03, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will the knuckle Dragger who signs hiself JM consider it done.

I assume that you do have a job and are not one of the many who moan about immigrents taking jobs that the knuckle draggers wont apply for.

Luke can you post the IPS of this knuckle dragger please.


12:16 pm, December 03, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i notice luke wont reply himself? why is that?,so you can get our ips data so what ,what are you going to do ? exactly nothing,! if immigration is so good why don"t you give up your job for a Russian leaving the motherland to come here,all the Russians i've spoken to ,hate socialism,and laugh at westeners who spout on about communism.So who did the jobs before the immigrants came here?

4:39 pm, December 03, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW when i put in my user name,password it wont let me reply,when i go anon it works ! its not because im hiding , you can put my name up if your so clever,also put your name+address up if you're so brave.

6:22 pm, December 03, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When i speak to blacks,and asians in london they say there are too many eastern europeans here,the east europeans say there are too many ethnics here,this nightmare is caused by liebour,the workers eutopia exists only in the minds of liebour ,you beleive your own bullshit, well bye,im of leafleting tomorow 4 of us go out.See you at the polls,its been nice sparing with you ,let history judge you.

6:29 pm, December 03, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

The BNP will never be in power so why get so worried. What they are though is a very effective pressure group that aims to protect British people from immigration and political lies.

Being British has nothing to do with the colour of your skin. It's about where you are born. Many BNP policies therefore would protect people regardless of ethnic origin as most people living in the UK are at the moment British.

If Labour really want to reverse the move towards the BNP then maybe they should reconsider their policies on Europe, immigration, and the equality bill.

It's unfortunate but the growth in BNP support is the direct result of this Labour government.

10:05 pm, December 03, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Tell this santa to go back to Italy as he is not welcome here?"

That's the problem with immigration, Forrest. You never know what you're gonna get.

11:15 am, December 04, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Immigration is always supported by Gramscian Marxists who believe that by creating sub-cultures within the main culture they can set each on the other until Marxism reigns supreme over both. Wherever you have someone supporting mass immigration you either have:-

an arch-capitalist looking for cheap labour to undermine existing wage structures.

an arch-Marxist lookiong to creat social strife to which Marxism will present the answer.

No big surprise that the SWP and the radical left of the Labour Party regularly cosy up to ethnic minorities and have their favourites amongst those minorities with a reputation for stirring social unrest and worse.

It's all very sad a predicable really. I only anybody with power and influence in the UK actually WANTED to make it a better place, rather than simply inflciting their mindless ideologies on the rest of us.

11:21 am, December 04, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

BNP has an official policy of voluntary repatriation with cash incentives. It is almost exactly the same policy as that introduced by French Socialists to encourage the Algerian minority to move back to Algeria.

11:23 am, December 04, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The BNP is awful. However, it only dislikes foreigners while the Labour Party actively murders them in bombing raids all over Iraq and Afghanistan.

Time we showed "zero tolerance" to Labour.

11:26 am, December 04, 2008

Anonymous Who are They? said...

If and when Labour re-connects with the "Working Classes" the BNP is finished, completely.

As far as I am concerned they can continue dreaming about being a political force to be reckoned with.

A "spent force" more like!

5:23 pm, December 04, 2008

Blogger Jeff Marshall said...

"If and when Labour re-connects with the "Working Classes" the BNP is finished, completely."

Laboour reconnect with the working classes?? Dream on...

Labour have thrown in their lot with the uneven and unequal privileging of minority groups.

(Whereas the BNP is committed to abolishing all unjust race relations legislation which turns white people into second-class citizens)

What exactly does such unfair legislation have to do with working class movements that always depended on solidarity and a shared sense of equality?

Labour has sacrificed its working class supporters on the alter of political correctness.

That isn't all.

Labour has now lost a substantial part of its immigrant vote too - on whose support they had come to depend, as Margaret Hodge once stated.

They lost this when they started blowing Muslims to pieces in Iraq (whereas the BNP of course always opposed the Iraq war).

So it's somewhat difficult to see who is going to vote for them in the next election really.

When they lose power next time they may lose it for a generation.

Or possibly forever.

12:15 am, December 05, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff Marshall

At least Labour is presently in Government and has over 300 M.P.'s.

How many have M.P.'s has the BNP got?? Answer: NONE!!

Will you get even one M.P. in Parliament? Dream on....
The day this happens is the day 'Hell will Freeze Over'!!

The success of the BNP lies in its ability to exploit and profit from Community Politics. The Party uses doorstep issues centred on the day to day concerns of local people as a smokescreen to hide their evil Homophobia and Racism.

Clearly you fail to understand that this kind of politics only has absolute effectiveness at a Local Government level. At Parliamentary level the focus is on National Policy and Politics. This would blow away the BNP's 'local government smokescreen' and would expose the evil reality of its Real Politics for the nation to see.

On this basis you may have a very short period of success followed by you guessed it: total anhillation.

By the way what does the BNP want to do to Homosexuals and Ethnic Minorities?? What is its policies regarding such sections of society??

10:30 am, December 05, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff Marshall claims that Labour has lost the Muslim vote re: the Iraq War.

He is obviously totally behind the times and needs to pay close attention to local by-election results. Has he seen the result of the Mile End East by-election in the predominantly Muslim London Borough of Tower Hamlets??

Labour (47.3%) +15.1%
Respect (anti-War) (23.7%) -0.3%

Where was the BNP?? mmm....

Besides most of the Labour movement opposed the war anyway - including me.

10:45 am, December 05, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i noticed on the news today that 15 youths have been found guilty of raping a 14 year old school girl in hackney .enrichment is gathering apace in east london it seems they did not mention the ethnicity of the animals that did it but i will give you three guesses .racism cuts both way send these savages back to thier homelands and lets see how thier own people would deal with them

8:25 am, December 06, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been the lucky recipient of a letter from Guiseppe. This one accuses me and other councillors of inciting violence against those who leaflet for the BNP. I find it laughable.

1:55 pm, March 03, 2009


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