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Friday, December 05, 2008

Council By-Election Results

Last night's council by-election results:

Bingley Rural Ward, Bradford MBC. Con hold. Con 1949 (59.9%, -3.1), Lab 689 (21.2%, +4.2), LD 332 (10.2%, -1.4), Green 175 (5.4%, -3.3), Dem Nat 61 (1.9%, +1.9), UKIP 49 (1.5%, +1.5). Swing of 3.7% from Con to Lab since May 2008.

The Three Colnes Ward, Braintree DC. Con hold. Con 647 (77%, +24.6), Lab 121 (14.4%, +4.1), Green 72 (8.6%, +8.6). Swing of 10.3% from Lab to Con since 2007 (previously independent candidates came a strong second in this ward).

Birch & Wintree Ward, Colchester DC. Con hold. Con 745 (58.1%, -12.0), LD 423 (33.0%, +14.1), Lab 83 (6.5%, +0.5), Green 32 (2.5%, -2.5). Swing of 13.1% from Con to LD since May 2008.

Avon and Swift Ward, Rugby BC. Con hold. Con 361 (56.8%, -12.0), LD 153 (24.1%, +8.9), Lab 84 (13.2%, -2.8), Green 37 (5.8%, +5.8). Swing of 10.5% from Con to LD.

Hale End & Highams Park Ward, LB Waltham Forest (2 vacancies). 2 LD holds. LD 1298 and 1295 (44.3%, +2.4), Con 1223 and 1153 (41.8%, +4.6), Lab 264 and 241 (9.0%, -2.3), Green 142 (4.9%, -4.6). Swing of 1.1% from LD to Con since 2006.


Blogger Mark Still News said...

Interesting post from John Cruddas

Is the future conservative?
The British economy is tipping into a recession. After three election
victories, the New Labour project is exhausted. The Conservative
Party is now resurgent, attempting to reinvent its political traditions
and preparing for power. Britain is at a possible turning point. This
book critically engages with the ideas of the New Conservatives. Do
their politics provide any answers to the challenges that lie ahead?
What political direction might they take if they win the next election?
The left needs to take on the New Conservatism. It needs to
expose the weaknesses of its notion of a post-bureaucratic age. The
limited nature of its family policy and its contradictory ideas around
education must be challenged. Behind its self-confident image the
New Conservatism faces a crisis in its unionist politics, and it lacks
a coherent political economy to enact its pro-social politics. Political
schisms in the party are waiting to erupt, and it has already begun to
retreat from its earlier, bolder politics.
But the New Conservatives cannot be reduced to ‘Tory toffs’;
nor can Cameron be dismissed as a ‘shallow salesman’. This is a
serious attempt to define a new communitarian politics of the right.
If it succeeds, it will bring yet more insecurity and inequality. The
New Conservatives pose a significant challenge not only to a
demoralised Labour Party but to the wider progressive movement
as a whole. To meet this challenge Labour must reassert its own
social and ethical values and find its own alternatives to
Jon Cruddas

11:07 pm, December 05, 2008

Blogger Mark Still News said...

s the future Conservative?
Edited by Jon Cruddas MP and Jonathan Rutherford
Produced jointly by Compass, Soundings and Renewal

Do the New Conservatives provide any answers to the challenges that lie ahead? What political direction might they take if they win the next election?

This new ebook brings together critical analysis of New Conservative thinking by writers from the left and right – including Neal Lawson, Oliver Letwin MP, Tony Juniper, John Harris and Tory thinker Phillip Blond.

Download ebook http://www.lwbooks.co.uk/conservative.pdf

11:11 pm, December 05, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

Mark, I'm not at all worried by a conservative government and like the Labour party the conservative party has changed. If anything the conservatives are now left of Labour in many areas.

They do have some good ideas and the country clearly needs a change. Another Labour government would be a disaster for this country and most people know this, it's unfortunate that there are still some people blinded by Labour lies.

Did anyone really believe Brown when he said months ago that the UK was best placed to weather the economic storm? At the time I said that the UK wasn't and was mocked for my response....look at us now. Really the Labour leader is a complete moron and everything he has boasted about is now falling apart.

"No more boom and bust"
"I will not let house prices jeopardize the wider economy"

These are the promises of Brown and all turned out to be lies.

Yeserday the workers of a Notinghamshire power station went on strike. Not because of pay but because the company has decided to use Spanish contractors as they are cheaper. When Brown said British jobs for British workers he was again telling porkies. So a huge project paid by the tax payer is being given to foreign workers and at a time when 1000s of jobs are being lost.

Wake up people this country is on its knees, it's workers are being hammered and we are approaching collapse.

9:29 am, December 06, 2008

Blogger Mark Still News said...

Its not the Labour Government but the Etonian Fascist establishment that actually is more powerful than the Government.

The Tories have not changed and never will.

Look at the Baffoon these prats elected as Mayor! All the Good work Ken done is being undone by him.

The 50% affordable housing scheme ended by the Primate!

The Deal with low cost oil from Venezuela ended by the Blonde fat useless Dullard!

The Tories are going to rip the shirts off the backs of working class people-Extract their teeth to melt down the fillings and Rip up their floorboards and what's left will be fair play for the government to build new Nuclear missiles and invade other Nations!

12:15 pm, December 07, 2008

Blogger Mark Still News said...


I am worried by the prospect of a Tory Government and the Unions better be prepared for the Class war. Getting the Tories back in won't be the answer! The status quo will just prevail with another round of Tories in power!

I hope the Workers are backed up by the TUC at the Nottinghamshire Power Station.I will put in a resolution at my branch to support them. Unfortunately this serious issue, is from the Brussels Euro flexible Labour policies at work, and its a disgrace!

It was The Tories that got us into the European Union. Ted Heath did it in 1973, he did not do a good job negotiating for us, it was mainly for the benefit of big business not for the people the concessions agreed!

12:31 pm, December 07, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

Latest news from the strike at Nottinghamshire power station. They return to work on Monday but after losing two days pay and being banned from doing overtime. Is this how British employers treat British workers when the need of the country is energy and under a Labour government.

Workers people in this country are being robbed.

10:17 pm, December 07, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the unions are a waste of time they do nothing but eat at the same trough as all the politicians at westminster

8:15 am, December 08, 2008

Blogger Mark Still News said...

The last post is very ignorant.

Unions negotiate Contracts of employment.
Rosters are negotiated by Unions.
Ensure the policies and procedures are not breached.
Take up Grievances
Defend the worker in Disciplinarians
Protect the worker from management sickness attendance procedures.
Take up Accident claims
Health and safety
Defend workers unfairly dismissed.
Equal pay
Equal opportunities policies.

The Union is well worth what I pay and I would not work without one.

Fight for better pay

9:37 pm, December 08, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

Unions have become puppets of politics and big business to a degree. They are more concerned with their own survival than they are with workers rights.

But you are correct they do play an essential role even if its just legal representation. Even in America the unions are treated with respect it is unfortunate that this Labour government has not returned their rights.

8:39 pm, December 09, 2008


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