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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where's Rich when you need a comment from him?

Commenter Rich has repeated a mantra for well over a year that Labour is doomed.

I'd like to give him the opportunity to respond to the most recent 5 opinion polls:

ICM - Con 38% (-7%), Lab 33% (+3%)
MORI - Con 41% (-2%), Lab 36% (+4%)
YouGov - Con 41% (+1%), Lab 35% (-1%)
ComRes - Con 37% (-), Lab 36% (-)
Populus - Con 39% (-2%), Lab 35% (-)

What's going on Rich, are the voters suffering from false consciousness? Because these look to me like the kind of scores that, 18 months away from an election, point to a victory for the incumbent Government.


Anonymous Rich said...

The reason is that the conservatives are offering very few solutions. They appear to be a little lost and what can they do being the party of de-regulation. I was listening to George Galloway on Radio 2 while in the car this lunch time and for once he was talking a lot of sense.

His view is that for years people have been repeatedly told that capitalism is the only way. But recent events have made many people think that there may be an alternative and since the conservatives are offering no change at all then many people are simply warming to Labour again.

For the last 20 odd years this country has relentlessly and blindingly followed the capitalism. A minority have made billions at the expense of everyone else. Now those that had no part in this greedy venture are now paying for it.

People are now looking for a party that offers something different. The challenge for politics is to be brave enough to actually present the world with an alternative that can work.

As I keep saying, this is early days. People are very worried but I don't think they truly understand how serious this situation is. I'm not sure Labour will continue this high if their policies fail....which I think they will.

9:32 pm, December 16, 2008

Anonymous Jules said...

Tories ahead in very poll, with 18 months to run and Brown to scared to call it early. Worried, worried, worried Luke - you should be.

10:07 pm, December 16, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

I'm not sure it's that simple. The elected government will easily claw back 6 points at the run up to a general election....so I'm afraid it will be Cameron who will be worrying right now.

A spring election could mean a Labour victory with a 40 seat majority going on the current figures.

However, I think Brown knows that Spring or Autumn are his only windows. Any later and he'll be in the grips of a recession.

10:33 pm, December 16, 2008

Blogger Robert said...

If Labour thought they could win now they go for it no problem, the problem is right now in my area a safe Labour seat people are angry as another company packs up and leaves, we have had nine of our biggest suppliers close with the loss of 7000 jobs and we have more to come, these people are asking Banks are saved our jobs are not, these are the people who will be voting at the next elections and unless brown can give them something to vote for look out, it's not the Tories who have taken this country into a recessions it's Labour

11:26 pm, December 16, 2008

Blogger anonymous said...

It is the people who have demanded capitalism. They insisted on owning their own homes and asking for one hundred per cent mortgages. When they wanted to sell their homes they put the prices up ridiculously high. People wanted vast access to credit to go on daft spending sprees. They voted for lower taxes and less so called red tape.

I know who I'm blaming.

1:55 pm, December 17, 2008

Anonymous Arnold said...

Robert, who was to blame for the recessions of the early '80's and '90's? Certainly not Labour.

3:38 pm, December 17, 2008

Anonymous Rich said...

It very strange. I keep being told about the downturn but my order book is continuing to grow. The problem I have is cash flow but I have started taking deposits big enough to cover the materials that way I'm not left short if someone doesn't pay. I have been doing it now for three weeks and it has made a massive difference to our finances. The redundancies we were going to make are now being delayed.

I am however, seeing lots of companies cutting staff. I do however, wonder whether some companies use a recession as an excuse for something they have been planning for a long while.

Nothing wrong with owning your own home, infact it is the best thing you can do. Despite the recession buying a home is the best investment you will ever make. The problems starts when prices are allowed to boom....and that is why we have a bust.

As for recessions, this is the result of capitalism. Something that Labour and the conservative are too keen to keep.

7:06 pm, December 17, 2008


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