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Friday, February 27, 2009

Council By-Election Results

Last night's council by-election results:

Greaseley Giltbrook/Newthorpe Ward, Broxtowe BC. Con hold. Con 1125 (49.1%, +0.4), Lab 600 (26.2%, +1.6), BNP 301 (13.1%, -2.5), LD 232 (10.1%, -1), UKIP 31 (1.4%, +1.4). Swing of 0.6% from Con to Lab since 2007. This is in the marginal Broxtowe constituency, number 42 in the Tory target list.

Honiton St Michaels Ward, East Devon DC. LD gain from Con. LD 636 (51.1%, +51.1), Con 609 (48.9%, -20.9). Swing of 36% from Con to LD since 2007.

Court Ward, Epsom & Ewell BC. Lab gain from LD. Lab 377 (33%, +1.3), LD 343 (30%, -10), Con 281 (24.6%, +7.6), Res Assoc 143 (12.5%, +0.2). Swing of 5.7% from LD to Lab since 2007. A Labour gain in Surrey!

Ruxley Ward, Epsom & Ewell BC. Con gain from Residents' Assoc. Con 564 (51.3%, +13), Res Assoc 363 (33%, -11.7), Lab 73 (6.6%, -2.6), LD 60 (5.5%, -2.2), UKIP 40 (3.6%, +3.6). Swing of 12.4% from Res Assoc to Con since 2007.

Rushahh-Shelfield Ward, Walsall MBC. Con hold. Con 809 (49.8%, -11.2), Lab 411 (25.3%, +5.6), LD 178 (11%, -1.4), UKIP 165 (10.2%, +10.2), Green 61 (3.8%, -3.1). Swing of 8.4% from Con to Lab since 2008.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened in Honiton? Presumably an independent cllr didn't restand?

Interested to hear about the Labour gain in Epsom!

9:10 am, February 27, 2009

Blogger Mark Still News said...

The LP is another Tory party. Instead of looking after the working classes it has chosen to bail out the banks and keep those banking parasites in luxury at our expense. The banks should have been Nationalised and those bankers should have had the same fate as the rest of us and put on the scrap heap!

Next year LP will fall. We may have a better chance with the Greens?

10:58 am, February 27, 2009

Blogger Miller 2.0 said...

"Full result to follow but yes that is a Labour gain in Surrey!"


11:32 am, February 27, 2009

Blogger Tim Roll-Pickering said...

It's not so amazing because this is a ward Labour should never have lost in the first place. (I come from this borough.)

Court ward (which for those who know the borough runs to the west of part of the Epsom to Ewell West railway line) is demographically very different to the rest of Epsom & Ewell. It's the most deprived ward with a high proportion of tenants and (by the standards of Epsom & Ewell) a sizeable BME population. Whether by accident, deliberate planning or deliberate boundary drawing it has ended up as a traditionally rock solid Labour ward.

Politically most of Epsom & Ewell at borough council level is dominated by the Residents' Association (who, if they win the 2011 election, will have controlled the borough for longer than the life of the Soviet Union), a rare hangover from the days of "non-partisan local government". The RA takes votes from all over the political spectrum, aided by the historic refusal of the Conservatives to stand for the borough council (which only ended with the 2003 elections). But in Court ward the Residents have not been organised - indeed when they've stood it's been the borough wide federation sending a candidate in with the borough label whereas in other wards (such as Ruxley) the ward level RA is a registered party in its own right.

The voting figures (I don't have the percentages to hand, and the RA only fielding two candidates in the three member ward last time confuses things) show that the Labour vote generally held steady at the base level it was knocked down to in 2007. However the Lib Dem vote has fallen to a Conservative rise and this has delivered the seat to Labour.

12:48 pm, February 27, 2009

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Honiton went from a straight Con vs Lab fight to a straight LD vs Con one.

3:31 pm, February 27, 2009

Anonymous Last of the Blairites said...

One more heave, comrades

12:46 am, February 28, 2009

Blogger Mark Still News said...

Labour is standing back and allowing companies to shed millions of jobs and putting people on the scrap heap!

Many of these companies are still making profits, but are doing this to pay shareholders dividends.

With no North sea oil revenue-how are we going to be able to pay 4 million people on the dole?

Wake up you Brownies and Blairites?

1:30 am, February 28, 2009

Anonymous Rich said...

I think these polls are giving you a false sense of security. These don't reflect public feeling and are no measure about how people are going to vote next year.

Looking at the state of the countries finances I really can't see how this government will find enough votes to form a government.

I thought things were going to get ugly but nothing prepared me for what is happening at the moment. The government risks bankrupting the UK if tax receipts continue to fall and as for what the next term....who wants it. The next government has a mountain to climb and I can't see how anyone can avoid tax increases.

The 100 index is still falling and we must all hope that it bounces tomorrow as another fall will spell disaster for the UK.

8:53 pm, March 03, 2009


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