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Friday, February 13, 2009

Irish Labour soars in the polls

The Irish Labour Party has soared 10% to 24% in the latest opinion polls, overtaking Fianna Fail for the first time in the history of the state.

More here from my work colleague and former European Young Socialists comrade Conall McDevitt.


Blogger Miller 2.0 said...

Wow, this is fantastic news.

10:54 am, February 13, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Build the new republic :)

11:13 am, February 13, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see you support working with the sister parties in Europe Luke.

Apparently some members of the Young Labour National Committee opposed the idea of ECOSY coming to the next Young Labour Conference this year, despite the fact we have European elections.

And of course YL failed to attend the ECOSY Summer Camp in France last Summer...

Such a shame.

12:40 am, February 14, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can think of another Labour Party that will soon be celebrating 24% in the polls...

2:39 pm, February 14, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't believe it! ComRes have Labour on 25%!!!

I must be a genius.

7:55 pm, February 14, 2009

Anonymous no boom just bust said...

Not much gratitude for saving the world.

Maybe it was the public who are trying to keep their jobs,houses in these tough times reacting to people like Jacqui Smith filling her pockets with £ 24,000 a year of so called secondary home expenses.

To be fair it must be incredibly hard to survive on a salary of £ 140,000 plus free travel plus paying your husband a further £ 40,000 of taxpayers money.

10:45 pm, February 14, 2009

Anonymous no boom just bust said...

Update on Jacqui,full report in the Mail on Sunday

According to neighbours in the road where Jacqui Smith's sister lives (where Jacqui lodges & claims as her main residence),these are porkies,they know from when the two armed policemen arrive and depart when Jacqui Smith is there and it's not at weekends,or fridays but about 3 nights per week and she is not seen during the recess?

Apparently checks also need to be made on whether Jacqui paid capital gains tax when she recently sold her old constituency home,as she claims it is her second home then capital gains tax would apparently be applicable.

2:27 am, February 15, 2009

Blogger Merseymike said...

Interesting. Labour have had increases in their support before but it hasn't translated into all that many seats.

It appears to me that parties in opposition are likely to benefit from current problems no matter where they stand politically - although where there is a left alternative they do appear to be doing well. Iceland being a good example where the green left lead the polls, and in Germany, the Left party is doing well whilst the SPD prop up a Tory government.

10:37 pm, February 15, 2009

Anonymous Rich said...

To be honest the current problems are so far down the line that I really don't think there is much any party can do. It is simply too late.

If you think back 3 years a common topic of conversation and news was whether the housing market was sustainable and how people were able to borrow such large sums of money. Why is it that our government failed to act then. What stopped them from acting.

We all knew the housing bubble would not last....so why did Brown carry on. These are the questions being asked by people on the street and Brown should answer them rather than keep blaming America.

This is not just an American problem this is a global problem which the UK played a big part. With the correct regulation we could have at least protected the UK and the impact would have been reduced.

It really is a pitty that the government failed to keep some of the money made from the last 10 years for this very uncertain period. The fact that we are about to embark on a raft of welfare reforms in a very serious recession is just one of the many problems the country faces.

11:22 pm, February 15, 2009


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