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Thursday, March 05, 2009

London Labour Board

One for London Labour Party train-spotters. The final seat on the London Labour Board has now been filled. The election for Disabilities Officer had to be run as a postal ballot after some procedural wranglings at last year's regional conference.

Congratulations to my fellow Hackney councillor Sally Mulready who won a convincing victory:

Sally Mulready - 51.10%
Nicholas Russell - 27.39%
Rosamond Stock - 17.51%
Stephen Aselford - 2.67%
Ajit Singhvi - 1.33%

I understand Sally got about 70% of the vote from Constituency Labour Parties plus USDAW and the Amicus section of Unite. Nick Russell was the incumbent and I think supported by UNISON. Rosamond Stock was the candidate of the organised left and was backed by the TGWU section of Unite. Of the other big affiliates I think the Co-Op voted for Nick, not sure what the CWU did.


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