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Monday, June 08, 2009

Compass gives platform to Green leader

Bonkers soft left factionalists Compass have just announced that the latest keynote speaker at their annual rally is Green Party leader Caroline Lucas MEP.

Why not go the whole hog and invite Nick Clegg and David Cameron as well?

In my borough and in Oxford, Norwich and Brighton, the Labour Party is engaged in a strategic electoral battle with the Greens. We don't need a dialogue with these single-issue clowns and their anti-working class policies, we need to attack and destroy them.


Anonymous Haggerston Harry said...

Result in our home patch, Hackney: Lab 34.1%, Green 22.7%

"We don't need a dialogue with these single-issue clowns and their anti-working class policies, we need to attack and destroy them."

Anti-working class? Not like your faction of New Labour which wants to spend our hard earned cash on Trident, illegally invade foreign countries, sell off our assets, spend money on unnecessary ID cards, increase tax for the lowest paid and the unwaged, reduce expenditure on further education, and subsidise the purchase of filthy motor vehicles for private owners at the expense of clean public transport!

Labour should be wholeheartedly embracing the policies of the Green lobby (then most people with environmental concerns would vote Labour and not Green).

"Attack and destroy them"??? You couldn't meet a nicer crowd of people. Attacking and attempting to destroy these - often very humble - people will put you (and, guilty by association, Labour) in nothing but a bad light.

Luke, you have well and truly lost the plot. You'd best check into the psycho hospital when you've finished there.

9:56 pm, June 08, 2009

Anonymous unseen said...

Why not go the whole hog and invite Nick Clegg and David Cameron as well?

Actually they are inviting LibDems too.

see http://www.libdemvoice.org/compass-want-lib-dems-at-its-conference-15231.html

10:01 pm, June 08, 2009

Anonymous Lukesliketearsbeforebedtime said...

Now we know precisely where our beloved Labour Party stands!

10:07 pm, June 08, 2009

Blogger Guido Fawkes said...

That's a bit of Old School New Labour nastiness. You must be feeling better.

10:20 pm, June 08, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haggerstone Harry - Like all good ultra lefties, supporting Sadam Hussain beyond the grave.

Muttering "ilegal" war does not make it so Or perhaps you feel you are better qualified to speak on the matter than our judiciary.


PS Working class people make cars - Ooops The "Greens" dont give a damn about wotking people.

10:37 pm, June 08, 2009

Anonymous Wereheadingdowntheplughole said...


Organisms from the planet Brown-Blairo spot green-tinted humanoids.


11:05 pm, June 08, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Generally the Green Party have been a middle class party not very much interested in the working classes only for green issues as long as its green does not matter if its privatized and exploiting the staff and the customers for the sake of shareholders, but saying this the greens policy is to renationalisation the railways, all labour did was scab on us and renew the TOC's franchises! New Labour is crap Labour!

11:13 pm, June 08, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Generally the Green Party have been a middle class party not very much interested in the working classes only for green issues as long as its green does not matter if its privatized and exploiting the staff and the customers for the sake of shareholders, but saying this the greens policy is to renationalisation the railways, all labour did was scab on us and renew the TOC's franchises! New Labour is crap Labour!

12:04 am, June 09, 2009

Blogger E10 Rifle said...

It's a bit late now worrying about other people's 'anti-working class' policies. We need to develop a few 'pro-working class' ones of our own.

As it goes, the greens' lack of working class roots is one of the reasons I'm not a supporter or member of them but this tribal bunker mentality isn't going to help us out of our hole you know, Luke. Or endear us to the wider public who, you may have noticed, think we're a bit rubbish at the moment.

1:46 am, June 09, 2009

Blogger Simon said...

Not quite Nick Clegg, but they have invited Evan Harris, a man whose most notable contribution to British politics to date is having shared a platform with Nick Griffin at the Oxford Union.

10:17 am, June 09, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Attack the Greens. Erm, not the finest piece of advice I've heard.

PS wakey wakey on this blog. You've fallen for the reems of ninth rate anlysis from the British media over the past few weeks. Brown is going nowhere, he never was. He will stay until April 2010. As a politico's blog, I'm surprised nowhere didn't kind of mention that minor point...

Long term, if he wants to survive he needs to go high risk, high return. This means sack Darling, appoint Mandy chancellor. Game on again.

P.S. the more ninth rate Blairites attack him (Blears, Hutton, Flint, Falkener, the exceptionally annoying Patricia (Boots)Hewitt) the stronger Brown now becomes. It was only ever Miliband that could have done serious damage. Perhaps something for this blog to consider??

Brown the next Livingstone from .... You'll actually end up letting Brown run against his own narcisistic party... as I recall it worked well for Ken for a couple of years....

10:46 am, June 09, 2009

Blogger Ravi Gopaul said...

Tony Blair once said to Paddy Ashdown the creation of the Labour Party was a mistake.

He was quite gleeful when we told people about our strict Labour laws.

Then ofcourse there is the relationship with the trade unions.....

Some working class people feel the party has abandoned them.

With regards to the Iraq war, I'm afraid whether you like it or not the view the Iraq war was illegal is widely held.

Oh whilst I remember, did you end up voting for the pro working class Conservative Party? Just that I remember you say you planned to vote tory.....

11:43 am, June 09, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Destroy them? Don't you lobby on behalf of arms companies Luke? Maybe you could purchase some weapons to do just that? As for the working class - haven't the working class left Labour in their droves, isn't the problem that the working class feel let down by Labour and they all voting BNP in their droves? Your blog smacks of the usual drivel expected from a hard-righter like yourself!!

12:07 pm, June 09, 2009

Anonymous T_i_B said...

Greens have something relevent and positive to say to people. Labour don't.

And in any case, organisations such as Compass need to generate broad support. Now can they do thay by only looking within Labour? I don't think so.

12:28 pm, June 09, 2009

Anonymous Carlos Andreatti said...

"Attack and destroy" the Greens???

Such rhetoric should be reserved for those who truly deserve to be destroyed. Like the BNP.

Why no posts on them? Why no condemnation?!

1:02 pm, June 09, 2009

Blogger E10 Rifle said...

I think Luke's main post can be filed under: "The dying, incoherent, incomprehending rage of NewLabourism."

When you've got nothing to offer, you've got nothing to lose, so you lash out madly.

1:29 pm, June 09, 2009

Anonymous Wereheadingdowntheplughole said...


2:12 pm, June 09, 2009

Anonymous Dirty Euro said...

I agrae wiv luek!

nuek the greens!

smellie unwahsed cretisn,

2:51 pm, June 09, 2009

Anonymous Haggerston Harry said...

GW said ...

PS Working class people make cars - Ooops The "Greens" dont give a damn about wotking people.
10:37 PM, June 08, 2009

Using your logic, Gareth, it appears that if working [class] people are involved in the production of weapons of torture or child pornography, that justifies the end product. N'est pas?

As for the criticism that roots of the Green movement are set in the middle classes - what a load of claptrap. A lot of people involved in the start up of the Green movement were (and remain) artisans and small-holding farmers.

William King was a wealthy physician and upper class philanthropist whilst Robert Owen was a rich cotton magnate. Yet both these men are considered as major contributors to the foundation of the cooperative movement. Who would condemn the cooperative movement - just for having (some) middle class roots?

Luke, you should try to remember: “We do not inherit the Earth from our parents, but borrow it from our children.”

I want to see the Labour Party become more green (and red).

8:03 pm, June 09, 2009

Blogger kris said...

"We don't need a dialogue with these single-issue clowns and their anti-working class policies, we need to attack and destroy them".

call me crazy, but this doesn't sound like love and service to me. Thank you for saying what we all already knew - It's about power.

No doubt that ethos is reflective of Gordon's management style.

That's why you all need to go.

8:23 pm, June 09, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

AS a VERY right-wing "Labour" man, Luke, I should think you'd welcome an appearance from David Cameron.

You are in the wrong party duckie. And you still miss Tony Blair? Well, his twin brother Lionel was on the telly tonight.

8:38 pm, June 09, 2009

Blogger Mark Still News said...

It looks like the main political parliamentary parties are all being controlled and manipulated by the ruling class elitist's time for a new party folks as the labour party is far to far to the right!!

The only way to change this crap is for a Stalinist brought in from revolution to eradicate all this filth elitists controlling and manipulating governments, if this is not done then it doe's not matter what party is in power!

12:21 am, June 10, 2009

Blogger Red Green Nick said...

Green Party anti working class?
Greens outpolled Labour in South East and South West...HAHAHAHA!

12:21 am, June 10, 2009

Anonymous Rich said...

Strange post Luke...get some rest.

7:47 am, June 10, 2009

Anonymous Haggerston Harry said...

Thanks to Red Green Nick. That is an interesting link to see. Shows the sort of ground the Labour Party has to cover to increase its share. But given our inherent liabilities (such as Luke) I wonder if we ever will.

8:30 am, June 10, 2009

Anonymous ravinglooney said...

Try searching the phrase "they are all bonkers except me" on the NHSDirect website.

8:54 am, June 10, 2009

Anonymous Hackney Watcher said...

Nuke, this is pathetic. Your two main criticisms of the Greens are invalid: the Greens' flagship policy is about the economy, and unlike Labour they actually have a plan to get it going again. As for working class people, well I think many of them up north just showed Labour what they think of them by voting for the BNP. The Greens' economy policy is aimed primarily at creating jobs that are likely to be taken by working class people.

So, in other words, the Greens have you running scared.

It says a lot that the party in government is worried about a party that hasn't even got any MPs yet.

9:28 am, June 10, 2009

Anonymous Dirty Euro said...

Dirty Euro 2:51 PM, June 09, 2009 was not me. It was someone pretending to be me again.

9:44 am, June 10, 2009

Anonymous Tom DeBeaver said...

can anybody provide a link to the detailed area by area results for the locals and euro election... I would like to see polling results by ward.


New Labour: lost the plot
Who's a man supposed to vote for? The moral highground has been vacated

11:26 am, June 10, 2009

Blogger Shamik said...

Dirty Euro, stop posting abuse on my blog, you demented, illiterate little c***

12:51 pm, June 10, 2009

Anonymous Dirty Euro said...

Shamik you started this months ago. where for some reason just because i supported the PM you decided to start mocking me. Then this joke of pretending to be comes round and again and again. I am fed up with it. I am sure it is you. You use the same insults, and comments.

2:55 pm, June 10, 2009

Anonymous Dirty Euro said...

These are my toughts:

The PM is hated by the media because he did not go to Oxbridge or public school.

What is it about a non oxbridge educated - state educated Prime Minister that they hate?

I believe the bad press he continues to get is a conspiracy by the oxbridge public school elites to get rid of the PM as he is not one of theirs.

Most of the left wing newspapers are part of this conspiracy too. As most of them are dominated by Oxbridge types too.

There have only been two times since WW2 that both the chancellor AND the PM did not go to Oxford. That is the Lamont and Major government, plus the present government.

Even then Lamont went to Cambridge. So this is the first non Oxbridge PM - chancellor team since the war.

Is the real cause of the presses hatred to the PM simply he is not oe of their own?

He does not talk the right way, or have the correct Oxbridge mannerisms they are used to recognising. I always used to wonder why are the press do damning about the PM performances in PM's question time.

Too me he does not do that bad. But is the problem he does not have the Oxbridge specifically Oxford mannerisms that Oxbridge people respect?

The domination of the British political scene by Oxbridge especially Oxford cannot be an accident. Since WW2 of the 12 PMs since WW2 8 went to Oxford.

I honestly believe the cause of the presses hatred to the PM is simply because he did not go to Oxbridge or public school.
For instance how many regurgitated unsourced fake stories do we get putting down the government.

If this was an Oxbridge PM such unsourced drivel stories would not be tolerated in a serious newspaper but this PM is fair game for the Oxbridge elites.
John Major had a similar hatred from the press largely as he was not one of their own.

He only won in 1992 because he was up again Kinnock who was also state educated non Oxbridge.
The best way to get the media on your side is to have a public school educated Oxford candidate as the press will be on your side. He will have the correct mannerisms and style for the elites

The Tory leader gets an easy press from the media especially the left wing media. The cocaine allegation questions have never been repeated. He is assumed to be a nice guy as he has the manner and style they relate to.

While every negative story about the character of the PM is assumed to be true as he is not someone they can recognise. Every relaunch is destroyed by the media, within a few hours.

While every tory policy is respected and given a fair hearing. It was never really the case that the media gave the PM a honeymoon period. In reality he had two good weeks when the Tory leader did not toe the tory line on snobby grammar schools and when the PM had a good party conference.

As soon as the Labour party did go 10 points in the lead after his party conference the media went in overdrive and have not let up from utter hatred. They cannot stand the idea of a state educated non Oxbridge PM.

I am not a bigot to those who go to private school or Oxbridge, but for all this talk of inverted snobbery is the real problem still simple snobbery.

Tory snobs stop your snobbery to the PM. Just because he did not go to private school or Oxbridge that is no justification to hate him. Just as it is not justification to hate someone if they did go to Oxbridge or private school.

Leeve Godron aloen.

3:28 pm, June 10, 2009

Anonymous Dirty Euro said...

Shamik was pretending to be dirty euro at 3:28 PM, June 10, 2009
it is deffinetly you. You give the same line over and over again. You just mock me all the time. You have far rubbisher blog with preening pictures of yourself like you fancy yourself. I would not like to read you blog as people would think I was looking at a gay fanzine. Screw you. Why did you decided to attack me in the first place. You are not even very bright that when you mock someone they work out is you. You are hardly a master criminal. Screw you.

4:00 pm, June 10, 2009

Anonymous Dirty Euro said...

OK Shamik Das, joke over. For some reason your posting on this blog pretending to be me. I suppose atleast you have the guts to give your real name and photo on your real blog. So I suppose you deserve respect for that.
Even though is is ****ing unfair you decided to start mocking me when I had never even seen your blog.
I do not know you, I do not know what you have been through in your life, i just have an argument with you over politics. Sorry.
You win. Stop the Joke.
Leave me alone.

4:23 pm, June 10, 2009

Blogger Merseymike said...

Nonsense. The Greens are part of the left-of-centre and need to be part of any future coalition to defeat the Tories, who are almost certain to be elected.

I hope they win the Norwich by-election - might finally get rid of Brown, for a start, and begin a proper critique of globalisation which can never be anything other than unacceptable for any social democrat.

1:00 pm, June 11, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucas read this out during her speech!

11:46 pm, June 13, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a great Conference. And, yes, as a Labour Party member, I particularly enjoyed Sarah Lucas' speech... The centre-left has a lot to gain from dialogue.

1:01 am, June 14, 2009

Blogger Red Green Nick said...

Thank's for the constructive comments from Real as opposed to Nu Labour people -where Green's have worked with proper Labour (Ken Livingstone and Green MLA's)the partnership has been a positive one.
For Green Socialism!

10:50 am, June 14, 2009

Anonymous Tom Copley said...

Luke, the Fabians have invited Sian Berry to speak at one of their conferences. Are they "bonkers" as well?

Caroline spoke very well at the Compass Conference. She even quoted this blog post, which got a good laugh.

6:51 pm, June 14, 2009

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

In this and some other respects, yes.

How exactly do you think Labour councillors whose seats are threatened by Greens should react? Campaign to defeat them or invite them to a conference? For heaven's sake man you are Labour organiser in Camden where Sian Berry is taking seats off you. No wonder with your appeasing attitude. Which party are you actually working for?

8:15 pm, June 14, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luke just doesn't get that tribalist politics is dead. Left-rightism is archaic and irrelevant to the fight for environmentally sustainable social justice in place of marketist consumerism.

Long live the progressive movement that joined together at the Compass conference. NuLab is dead and the arms industry lobbyist who writes this blog is nothing more than a footnote to its history!

1:57 pm, June 15, 2009

Anonymous Rob said...

I've popped by because I heard about your tribalist power-crazy rant against the Greens. "Surely nobody would post something quite that stupid on a public blog?" I naively thought. You're just like the Labour dinosaurs in my patch- clinging to their little bits of flotsam and oozing hate and war while the world has moved on. Sad, and utterly, utterly pathetic.

12:32 am, June 16, 2009

Anonymous Steppenwolf said...

Caroline Lucas is a breath of fresh air and I'm afraid Luke that up against her you are a political pygmy and a rather nasty sectarian one at that. I've been thinking about leaving Labour for some time and having read the first comment in this thread (from Haggerston Harry) I'm reminded of the dilemma that proper socialists have faced.
Its Labour not the Greens who have failed the working class; and in Norwich, the Greens have picked up the biggest votes in the most deprived areas of the city. Someone is connecting with the people who Labour have abandoned, and it ain't us..

3:03 pm, June 16, 2009


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