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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A song for Hazel

I thought Hazel Blears might appreciate the lyrics of this song by an even greater Salford native, Morrissey:

The sanest days are mad
Why don’t you find out for yourself ?
Then you’ll see the price
Very closely

Some men here
They have a special interest
In your career
They wanna help you to grow
And then syphon all your dough
Why don’t you find out for yourself ?
Then you’ll see the glass
Hidden in the grass

Youll never believe me, so
Why dont you find out for yourself ?
Sick down to my heart
Thats just the way it goes

Some men here
They know the full extent of
Your distress
They kneel and pray
And they say :
Long may it last

Why don’t you find out for yourself ?
Then you’ll see the glass
Hidden in the grass
Bad scenes come and go
For which you must allow
Sick down to my heart
That’s just the way it goes

Don’t rake up my mistakes
I know exactly what they are
And ... what do you do ?
Well ... you just sit there
I’ve been stabbed in the back
So many many times
I don’t have any skin
But that’s just the way it goes


Anonymous Boff for Mayor said...

Hospital is the best place for you considering what a bloodbath it will be for Labour tommorow. I'd hide under the covers if I was you

9:52 pm, June 03, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Atleast the tories will not very well either. You gov say no better than 26%.

10:19 pm, June 03, 2009

Anonymous Lastman Standing said...

I'd like to vote Labour tomorrow. Can you please give me the name of anyone I can vote for who hasn't already deserted the sinking ship and isn't about to flee with the other rodents?

10:30 pm, June 03, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Luke, Good to see you blogging and hope you are on the road to recovery. I am also dismayed by waht's going on - all a distraction from the real stuff we should be focusing on... getting out of recession. By the way, Morrissey is not really from Salford. He grew up in his "bedroom in those ugly new houses" in Stretford which is actually in the borough of Trafford. Kings Road


Sorry to be so nerdy but then planet blog is the refuge of the pedant

10:34 pm, June 03, 2009

Blogger kris said...

A song for Labour:


cheerio, cheerio, cheerioo

cheerio, cheerio, cheerio



10:35 pm, June 03, 2009

Anonymous Rich said...

I do think we'll have an election announcement very soon indeed.

2009 End of Labour as we know it.

Labour needs to go back to its roots and start working for the working classes...

10:55 pm, June 03, 2009

Anonymous Cedric Smythe-Featherstonehaugh said...

The impact of Hazel Blear's actions? Songs? Plays? You read it here first!

6:29 am, June 04, 2009

Blogger David T said...

Great post - my sentiments exactly!

11:07 am, June 04, 2009

Anonymous Wereall Doomed said...

A special song for New Labour:


12:41 pm, June 04, 2009

Anonymous Wereall Doomed said...

A special song for New Labour.

12:42 pm, June 04, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whether or not it is right to try to get rid of Gordon I don't know - and maybe Hazel and others are right to try to unseat him.

But what I do know is that do what she did the day before the election was bang out of order. I been working hard today and every single activist, from whatever wing of the party, thinks her timing was disgraceful. Everyone felt it was effectively two fingers to all the hard working activists.

I hope her CLP deselect her for this.

8:20 pm, June 04, 2009

Blogger Newmania said...

Got one for Purnell , and I gather , David Milliband ?

12:00 am, June 05, 2009

Anonymous Rich said...

The people have spoken. Gordon clearly has no mandate and should resign and a new leader should call an election for October.

If he wants to serve the people then give them what they want.

6:06 pm, June 05, 2009


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