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Friday, July 10, 2009

Medical bulletin

As regular readers will know, posting has been light as I have been in the National Hospital for Neurology since the start of April, being treated for POEMS syndrome, a bone marrow cancer that causes damage to the nervous system similar to MS but thankfully largely reversible once the cancer is attacked with radiotherapy or if necessary chemotherapy.

I moved to a Rehab ward from an acute medical ward (same hospital but focus on physiotherapy and occupational therapy) last Friday. My final day of 20 days of radiotherapy over at UCLH was on Wednesday. They think I will be able to go home in 8, maybe even 6 weeks, able to walk short distances and do stairs, but needing a wheelchair for longer distances for 6 months or so. The radiotherapy has brought rapid neurological improvements, so far to my upper legs, but my feet, lower legs and hands are still weak, so I'm not walking yet.


Blogger susan press said...

Luke, I doubt we have ever agreed but I hope you are well enough to go home soon.

11:23 am, July 10, 2009

Anonymous Steve Scott said...

Luke, glad you're on the mend.I'm sure the reopening of the PR debate has perked you up!

11:33 am, July 10, 2009

Anonymous Danny Stone said...

Youre a seriously imopressive fighter my friend - keep it up. Really happy to hear the progress. Hope Greville's words are inspiring you!....

11:46 am, July 10, 2009

Blogger Hughes Views said...

As ever, good wishes for a speedy recovery & hooray for the NHS.

2:14 pm, July 10, 2009

Anonymous Andrea said...

Good luck for even more improvements

10:50 pm, July 11, 2009

Anonymous Dave Osler said...

Good luck Luke. My thoughts are with you.

10:18 pm, July 12, 2009


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