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Monday, July 27, 2009

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Blogger Ewan Watt said...


5:19 am, July 28, 2009

Blogger Mark Still News said...


As you are all aware from the media coverage a group of Vestas Workers continue to occupy their wind turbine factory in Newport Isle of Wight. A large proportion of Vestas workers are members of the Labour Party.

They have taken this action in response to the appalling decision to close their factory and move the work to the USA. The reason for this closure is unjustified and is based purely on the Danish company Vestas receiving a greater subsidy from the US government than they could get from ours. The Isle of Wight factory is highly profitable and one of the largest facility’s in Europe.

The British government has recently been making lovely sound-bite promises of supporting green industry with money set aside from the public purse yet it continues to ignore the plight of these workers even though the government is preparing massive orders for wind turbines to produce off shore energy for British use. These orders seem likely to be placed with facility’s smaller than the Isle of Wight plant in, Denmark and Germany. The rolling programme introducing more wind power for use in Britain would mean 15 years of work for the workers in the Newport factory if the orders were placed with this facility irrespective of who the owners are.

To this end the workers are calling for their facility to be nationalised to stop the ludicrously of 15 years of importing wind turbines with tax payers money whilst ignoring the opportunities here which would also mean the saving of 600 jobs on the Isle of Wight.

You can help these workers a number of ways. You could go along to the factory at the St Cross industrial estate in Newport, with your friends and families and join the demonstration held outside at any time of day or night. In particular there is a rally with updates from the Vestas workers about the occupation, the support from around the world as well as public figure speeches and music everyday at 6pm. These rallies and show of support have been a source of inspiration to the occupiers and they show the company and the government we want these workers’ jobs saved.

You can send messages of support to their site savevestas@googlemail.com

You can organise a collection of money from your workmates, friends and families and donate it by cheques payable to Ryde and East Wight Trades Union Council, 22 Church Lane, Ryde, Isle of Wight, PO33 2NB or take the cash to the factory where you will meet Vestas RMT reps outside who will accept the donation of behalf of all the Vestas workers.



9:15 pm, July 28, 2009


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