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Friday, August 28, 2009

Council by-election

There was just one yesterday:

Starbeck Ward, Harrogate BC. LD hold. LD 886 (63.4%, -8.8), Con 252 (18%, +5), Ind 178 (12.7%, +12.7), Lab 82 (5.9%, +0.8). Swing of 6.9% from LD to Con since 2007.


Anonymous Mike Upchat said...

The Tories could threaten to bring back the Poll Tax next year and they'd still keep their 16% lead. Its depressing to see the electorate acting like mindless sheep. I must be alone in recalling the bad old days of Thatcher and Major.

10:39 am, August 28, 2009

Blogger Mark Still News said...

The Poll tax and Council tax is the same. If you rent a home that you will never own, you still have to pay high bands sometimes more than a person who owns their property.

Both Tory and Labour are anti working class. Who allowed the housing market to over inflate from the late 90's without trying any controls and regulation-then boast about pockets of so called affordable accommodation for key workers?

The PM at the time should have kicked his chancellor up the arse, but was to busy making £300,000 on his Islington home through astronomical housing inflation. we are being conned the whole thing is a conspiracy and goes beyond Labour and Tories!

12:17 pm, August 28, 2009

Blogger Merseymike said...

I think its more that people are fed up and bored to death with Labour. They have been for a while, but in 2005, the Tory alternative was Dracula. I wasn't intending to vote labour last time, but the thought of PM Dracula was enough.

Now - well, I'm no fan of Cameron, but clearly he is more appealing to the electorate than Howard. Hence, people think, I've had enough of Labour, and the Tories are electable, so....

I don't actually think anything is likely to save Labour now. Its called the electoral cycle. People have just decided that its time for a change.

4:20 pm, August 28, 2009


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