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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where the Tory money is going

A quick bit of analysis of today's 2nd quarter political donations report from the Electoral Commission reveals an interesting league table of the Tory constituency associations receiving donations of over £4k in the single quarter. Note that £10k is usually about the legal limit you can spend in the actual month of a General Election, so the bigger guns here must be employing professional agents or call-centres or churning out skip-loads of pre-election direct mail. Also, this doesn't include funding channelled through Central Office or regions.

Perhaps any millionaire socialists or trade union political officers reading this (I know you all do!)can ensure appropriate resource reaches the Labour-held CLPs targeted in this list?:

Hampstead & Kilburn £40,273
Ealing C & Acton £37,940
Meon Valley £26,750
Ipswich £25,000
Hereford £21,500
Nottingham S £18,411
Watford £18,000
S Basildon & ET £13,500
Surrey Heath £13,250
NW Leics £12,324
Beaconsfield £11,750
Rugby £11,749
Huntingdon £11,400
Basingstoke £11,225
Corby £10,000
Crewe & N £10,000
Poplar & Canning Town £10,000
E Hants £9,750
Tatton £9,000
Wimbledon £7,670
Westminster N £7,000
Bath £6,620
Hemel Hempstead £6,540
Witney £6,123
Dagenham & R £6,000
Selby & Ainsty £6,000
N Tayside £5,500
Eastwood £5,340
Windsor £5,275
Nottingham E £5,151
Camberwell & Peckham £5,000
City of Chester £5,000
Darlington £5,000
Daventry £5,000
Dudley S £5,000
Eltham £5,000
Maidenhead £5,000
Tynemouth £5,000
Scunthorpe £5,000
Somerton & Frome £5,000
Thornbury & Yate £5,000
W Dorset £5,000
Chorley £4,900
Wellingborough £4,471
E Surrey £4,400
Angus £4,000
Calder Valley £4,000
Colne Valley £4,000
Dewsbury £4,000
Hove £4,000
Milton Keynes N £4,000
Milton Keynes S £4,000
Newbury £4,000
Penistone & S £4,000


Blogger Mark Still News said...

My Union no longer donates to the Labour party, although it does give some funding to MP's campaigns who actually support Union policy. The ironic thing is my Union was really one of the founders of the Labour party!

9:24 pm, August 26, 2009

Blogger Matthew Cain said...

Mark - I'm pleased that your union still contributes to the Labour party. But those unions who relate their donations to specific party policies too closely are in danger of being no different to the millionaire donor who gives to the Tory party becuase they want it to say a particular thing on Europe - for example.

That sort of behaviour undermines the Labour / union link and is an open invitation for people who want to ban union donations in their current form.

10:34 pm, August 26, 2009

Blogger Chris Paul said...

Didn't the Tories get all excited about "winning" Rochdale in the Euros, predicting great things ahead? So why haven't they selected any bloody candidates in the three relevant constituencies? Basically the Lib-Con pact is already up and running in the North ... where is the Lib-Lab pact in the South?

Meanwhile I've just done some sums on the supposed tithe on Lib Dem councillors in Rochdale and wonder why (a) the substantial total that results is nowhere declared and (b) why there are no accounts as this amount and other income clearly breaks the turnover for mandatory accounts.

10:41 pm, August 26, 2009


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