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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two YouGov Polls

Daily Tracker (pre-leader's speech): CON 40% (+1), LAB 29% (nc), LD 18%(-2).

Speech reaction (amongst people who watched it):

Excellent 33%
Good 30%
Fair 22%
Poor 11%
Bad 4%

Do you think Gordon Brown is doing well or badly as prime minister?
Very well 21% (+11)
Fairly well 29% (+1)
Fairly badly 18 (-3)
Very badly 31% (-10)


Blogger Silent Hunter said...

So how about THIS poll, Luke?

Did you miss it?


Labour in third place behind the LibDems.

Thought you might want to highlight this, just for 'balance' you understand.

6:21 pm, September 29, 2009

Anonymous Arnold said...

Who are they asking these questions to? A bunch of morons, no doubt.

Its funny how polls 'don't matter' when the Tories do badly in them and yet suddenly become important when Labour is behind.

Gordon's speech was magnificent.

7:46 pm, September 29, 2009

Blogger Silent Hunter said...

Keep taking the tablet's Arnold. :o)

Have you read the Sun today?

Apparently 5 million read it every day, can you imagine? LOL

12:26 am, September 30, 2009

Anonymous Rich said...

I don't think it was a bad speech and he indicated that if we had another Labour government it may be less market driven.

I find the personal attacks on Brown very distasteful and frankly out of order. Should not be part of politics at all.

Very pleased with the promise to honour the min wage increases...something the conservatives are now going back on. Also pleased that he is not going to cut back on front line services...again something the conservatives are going back on.

Living on the min wage must be incredibly difficult and if the conservatives freeze this it will cause considerable hardship to millions of people.

I would love to know what the conservatives view is on the min wage. Are they going to remove enforcement and freeze the pay of the lowest earners?

Brown has to tackle immigration to stand any chance of winning back millions of working class votes. These are the people who have lost their jobs to cheap European Labour and will punish the government if they fail to act.

My vote is now hung.....don't really know how to vote.

11:46 pm, September 30, 2009


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