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Monday, September 28, 2009

We are all fighters not quitters now

Lord Mandelson's speech just now was easily the best conference speech by anyone not Labour Party Leader I have seen.

He has single-handedly restored the morale of the Party and set out very clearly the way in which Labour can win next year.

Tony Blair said in 1996 “My project will be complete when the Labour Party learns to love Peter Mandelson”.

I think judging from the reaction to Peter's speech we just got there.


Blogger Silent Hunter said...


You must be on the same medication as your leader mate!

Do you think we don't see the half empty hall or the young people protesting outside the conference or Labours police thugs stopping and searching everyone in Brighton for any Tory literature being carried with out a license. LOL

Labour are DEAD and you know it.

3:49 pm, September 28, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any Party which professes to love the repulsive Mandelson deserve to lose and lose big. The wider electorate detest the unelected, twice-disgraced ex-Minister and it should be a matter of disgust to any true Labour Party member that he was installed in the Lords to prevent the Party ditching Brown in favour of someone (anyone, really) who could salvage some credibility after the disasterous Brown premiership.

4:00 pm, September 28, 2009

Anonymous Arnold said...

entingeOh go away you two. Your party has problems of its own. George Osbourne hangs himself each time he opens his mouth, while Cameron looks more and more like John Major Redux.

Next week it will be Fantasy Island starring the Tories. Cameron will be the one on medication then.

4:25 pm, September 28, 2009

Blogger Silent Hunter said...

Steady now Arnold, I know Labour like to crush dissent, (just ask Walter Wolfgang), but freedom of speech is worth upholding even if you don't agree with the speaker.

You seem to be 'labouring' under the impression that if you hate Labour, the you must be a Tory.

How simplistic a view.

I'm afraid you will find that that there are many more members of my party than yours.

I intend to vote for the Anyone But Labour party; and we have millions of members; as you will shortly find out in June 2010.

4:49 pm, September 28, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that before or after he's buggered off to work for the Tories!!!

Nice to see the Labour conference will be perfectly timed to 'coincide' with bankers announcing the great, but fat arse bonuses we didn't bother to legistlate against to actually save our money,...

Fiscal crisis = bankers don't get big pay outs until governnment have sold back stakes and put it towards the public purse... my getting a hospital bed or bankers getting another Aston Martin ... come on Labour, wakey, wakey, wakey,,,

4:58 pm, September 28, 2009

Blogger Jackson Jeffrey Jackson said...

I look forward to seeing which CLP loves Mandelson enough to select him as a candidate in the future.

5:09 pm, September 28, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just when you've got that hurrah for Mandelson out of your gob then out comes Derek Simpson to ruin it all.

He's across the London Evening Standard and no doubt the nationals tomorrow reporting on a scene resembling the "last days in Hitler's bunker".

More drugs. The best wines. Comradely songs.

It doesn't matter a toss.

We will all be going to that election booth with a vengence to stuff you lot.

5:31 pm, September 28, 2009

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Anon 5.31 those would be very newsworthy remarks if made by powerful union leader Derek Simpson.

In fact, if you take the time to read the article, they were made by Alan Simpson, a hard left MP who is absolutely marginal in the party and retiring at the next election.

5:47 pm, September 28, 2009

Blogger Silent Hunter said...

Funny how if you don't agree with something in Labour you become . . . marginal.

Is that what Tom Harris is then? . . . marginal; after all he did stand up to Gordon and got fired from his Transport Minister job for his troubles.

The trouble is Luke - you need more MP's like Tom Harris and less MP's like Tom Watson.

Until you grasp that fact - Labour are well and truly buggered.

7:48 pm, September 28, 2009

Anonymous Ted Harvey said...

Luke the only thing that stops you, like the Government, being laughable is the tragedy and the fact that we are approaching the culmination of the damage that the Blair project has done to the entire Labour movement.

You were the one that told me on this board a couple of years back 'not to worry' about Mandelson being back in any position of influence. That was a little before you posted that you felt that that the imminent Glasgow East by election could be 'the turning point'. Now we have a visibly under-occupied Labour Party conference applauding the unelected, twice disgraced 'Lord' Mandelson to the rafters. How sad, how tawdry, how truly tragic.

I'm so glad that I had the dignity and self respect some time ago to make sure that I'm not part of all this - you really are the proverbial toast and none of you on the inside seem the slighest bit aware of just how bad the party's position nopw is... by the way meantime we tonight have yet another TV documentary on greedy MPs shafting the rest of us taxpayers to pay for their overseas junkets.

8:38 pm, September 28, 2009

Blogger Merseymike said...

Whether you agree with him or not, he is a class act

I also think he demonstrates competence.

I do wonder why some people seem to have such an extreme reaction to him whereas other far less competent Ministers, there is far less criticism

I know why I think it is...

Oh, and lots of rumours about a possible Merseyside seat doing the rounds up here

1:35 am, September 29, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news following the Mandelson speech!


Liebour now trail the Lib Dems hahahaha

If the only hope Liebour have is that horrible creep - do you really think he represents the working man in the country?

Get real kids the party will soon be over and the British people can try to get their country back.

10:10 am, September 29, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

erm is the same mandy who only a few days before said he would work for the tories???


6:25 pm, October 01, 2009


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