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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Conference pics

More pictures of me on stage at Conference yesterday:


Anonymous Lord Low said...

Well one plus is you've lost some weight. Burnham and the woman next to him look really fed up

5:46 pm, October 03, 2009

Anonymous Conall McDevitt said...

Here here.

You look great without the weight Luke. Just like I remember you in our ECOSY days!

Welcome back comrade.

7:35 pm, October 04, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah- all very nice and warm, but the issue of getting your credit card out for treatment is exactly what we've been reduced to thanks to the financial crisis.

I think for someone so passionate about Labour Luke, you probably need to stump up an explanation here - how on earth can Labour look anyone straight in the face who can't get a hospital bed becasue we simply don't have the finances left to do so? We've been too busy bailing the banks out and chukcing them massive bonuses, MORALLY THIS IS TRULY REPUGNANT.....

I really can't believe Labour aren't doing something drastic on this score - really, really dissapointing. Mark my words, whatever half comeback you do make by Christmas will be destoyed when the bankings run off with massive bonuses while we all scrap together whatever it is we don't have to buy a Turkey.... The Sun will go to town on you now the post-Yelland era has really kicked in.

New slogan by the way for Labour, vote Brown get Mandelson... I can kinda see that working when El Tonio is sitting pretty in Brussels...

3:27 pm, October 06, 2009


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