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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Reaction to Osborne's speech

The YouGov daily tracker poll that came out this evening reads:

Con 40% (-3)
Lab 31% (+2)
LD 18% (+2)

This is the best Labour poll rating since April and translates into a Tory parliamentary majority of only 4. The impact of Osborne setting out his slash and burn approach to the public finances seems to be worth up to 50 extra Labour MPs. After all, why would any of the 3 million public sector workers affected by Osborne's pay freeze but not Darling's one on the top 20% of their colleagues now vote Tory?

Or the over 2 million extra people who would lose their jobs, taking unemployment to 5 million, because of the deflationary impact of his measures turning the recession into a double dip one, according to economist David Blanchflower? He said of Tory plans to switch off Quantitative Easing:

"This is the most wildly dangerous thing I have seen in a hundred years of economic policy in Britain, [they are] showing no understanding of economics. To remove QE and cut public spending is like a return to 1937 — it could drive the economy into depression. This is the most bizarre set of economic policies I have ever heard.”

On behalf of Labour activists everywhere I would like to thank George Osborne for single-handedly kick-starting our General Election Get Out The Vote campaign.


Anonymous Arnold said...

This week has seen the mask finally slipping off the Tory Party, and voters have recoiled from the hideous visage beneath. 'Lord Gaga' Cameron publicly quaffing champagne in the midst of a recession is absolute madness. Good news for Labour. At last the Tories have had their very own 'Sheffield Rally'.

7:18 pm, October 08, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kick that drugged-up depresssive out of No 10 and you might have a chance.

Voters are not neutral on him. He's a reason for voting with the Tories.

He goes but his successsor has to commit to an election within 3 months.

And if the answer is Balls, forget it. He's a disaster too.

8:29 pm, October 08, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep dreaming Luke. Opposition looms..

8:31 pm, October 08, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Face it Luke! . . . It's over for Labour.

Everyone hates them so much, they're even prepared to give the Tories another chance.

What the hell does that say about 12 years of Labour Government after Thatcher and Major?

Keep whistling in the dark mate, but you know as well as I do that Labour will be lucky to form the official opposition after the next election.

9:04 pm, October 08, 2009

Blogger Dave Cole said...

Although this comes with the usual caveat about polls, they do tend to tighten as an election draws near and tend to underestimate support for incumbents. Those factors alone aren't going to turn the election around for Labour, but do suggest to me that a hung parliament of some description is a realistic possibility.

1:21 pm, October 10, 2009

Anonymous Rich said...

Yes I agree but there are those who would say the same thing about Quantitative Easing.

The problem about QE is that is could create it's own bubble. The sole reason for the recovery of the FTSE is QE as the government is buying huge sums of bonds....this in itself is very dangerous. If this was to burst a stock market crash of up to 40% is very possible.

This sort of economic management is simply gambling. I would much prefer to go back to simple trading of real products rather than unknown bonds.

11:23 pm, October 12, 2009


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