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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Taking the biscuit

Remember the media frenzy about Gordon Brown "dithering" when asked what biscuit he likes best on Mumsnet?

According to The First Post, it was all made up:


They quote Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts as saying:

"The truth is that Gordon Brown didn't follow the live chat on the screen directly - he answered the questions grouped and fed to him by Mumsnet HQ and his advisers. He didn't avoid the biscuit question because it didn't cross his path...
"We were conscious of not merely focusing on frivolities. Fun as biscuits are, access to the Prime Minister is precious and we would have hated to waste time on Rich Tea Fingers at the expense of miscarriage or school starting age. Plus, of course, we'd rather not be seen as a soft touch."


Blogger Silent Hunter said...

Oh Good!

I'm so glad we managed to clear that up - especially when Labours National Debt is running at £28,500 per family of four . . . and climbing!

So where's the perspective here Luke?

I see that America is now out of recession and yet Britain is STILL in it.

I thought your hero, Gordon Brown, said that of all the European countries, WE were best placed to come out of recession?

So that's Germany, France and even Italy . . . Italy FFS! . . . out of recession before us.

But hey! . . . thank God we've got to the bottom of Biscuitgate. LOL

10:06 pm, October 29, 2009

Blogger Peter Doyle said...

I don't suppose Gordon could give a fig roll about all the fuss, but ever since it was revealed that at least one MP was buying ginger crinkles at our expense there's been a confectionary sub-plot running through our national politics.
For those who like their political debate with a bit more bite, I recommend the F40 special conference on fair funding for schools at the Church House Conference Centre, Westminster, on Tuesday.
If every child matters, as Ed Balls, insists then surely that means tackling deprivation in education wherever it lies. That's certainly former Schools Minister Jim Knight's view, but I wonder what we'll hear from Vernon Coaker, Michael Gove and David Laws? #handsup4devon

11:36 pm, October 29, 2009

Blogger Mark Still News said...

Why can't Gordon regulate and control this stupid housing market from boom and bust as it was this that caused the recession we are in now-rather than hyper housing inflation why not have housing devaluation and that would save the economy for the long term or can't we discuss practical items?

12:09 am, October 30, 2009

Anonymous Mrs Trellis, North Wales said...

Bugger Brown's biscuits, for confectionery consumption, take a gander at Madge Hillside's expenses!

3:03 am, October 30, 2009

Anonymous Frank said...

Who cares? The guys a has been - a dishonest lying thieving unelected scumbag and the only time he didn't dither was when he released the funding to murder 100 thousand people in Iraq in an illegal war.

Luke do you really think this warrants a waste of time and effort with this article on your blog?

Why is no one discussing the latest YouGov polls where labour may end up behind the Tories in Wales?

8:13 am, October 30, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Luke, God forbid you highlight the truth around the ridiculous media circus and their love of printing lies because they're better stories than the truth

11:16 am, October 30, 2009

Anonymous Dagenham Max said...

Since the war guess how many Prime Ministers were "unelected"? Six out of twelve. And how many followed their appointment with a general election? Just one, Eden.

Was getting bored with reading the same thing over and over again

5:27 pm, October 30, 2009

Blogger anonymous said...

How can people say that Germany is doing better than us, economy wise?

There was a report on BBC news the other night about Germany still having major problems; people were taking to the streets!

And well said Dagenham Max.

Of course Gordon Brown was elected because votes were held at local Labour party meetings whether constituency parties would endorse him and the majority said yes.

No such thing happened for John Major.

6:21 pm, October 30, 2009

Anonymous Frank said...

Hey Max.

How many of those Prime Ministers went to the election previously with the man who was elected saying "I'll serve a full third term"?

Answer: none.

Party politics went out of the window with that Max and if you really are a Labour supporter as you claim to be, you should be screaming for that twat Brown to resign NOW.

I'd say anyone could be better but the truth is no one could be worse.

We have a government that can't govern and one that can only smear and lie about the opposition.

Labour should be challenging Cameron on his policies and not his personality 'cos when it comes to weird that unelected dick Brown takes the biscuit.

6:48 pm, October 30, 2009

Anonymous Dagenham Max said...

Sorry Frank didn’t read your bit till just now.

I have not elected any Prime Ministers, I voted for and will vote for the local Labour Party candidate unless the Tories or Lib Dems declare their intention to renationalise the railways and start an intensive council house rebuilding scheme in conjunction with repealing the 1980 Housing Act.

I don’t have clue who I’ll be voting for as Harry Cohen is retiring after 16 years of excellent service to Leyton and Wanstead but I’ll be voting for Labour as a party not for whoever happens to be leader at the time.

While I wish Brown would step down until he does he deserves the support of the party but instead certain elements seem intent on undermining him for their own ends.

What bores me to tears is the constant cry that he is “unelected”, we’re not the USA, are we? I did have hopes for Alan Johnson but he’s making himself look a right plonker over his handling of the drugs issue.

7:37 pm, November 02, 2009

Blogger Top Bachelor Pads said...

It takes the biscuit.

10:16 pm, April 10, 2010


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